Lose feelings never force anyone to talk to you

Lose Feelings Never Force Anyone to Talk to You? Why It Happens?

Lose feelings never force anyone to talk to you? What do you think? It is said that when you are in love, you will feel unconditional love for that person and this love is totally selfless. You would do anything they asked, even if it was against your wishes and as crazy as these requests may be. 

I have heard this time and time again, but with all the stories I have read of men and women who are truly in love, they seem to be talking more about infatuation than love.

If you truly love someone, does that mean you will always love them? Because it seems people go through life and as soon as things don’t go their way or someone better comes along or the feelings of being in love goes away, they throw the first love away and move on to the next. 

You seem to be so happy while you are in it and everything is good, but when those feelings change or things don’t go the way you want them to, the person becomes disposable.

My ex and I have been broken up for almost 3 years. We’ve both moved on, but I will never stop loving her. 

For us, it was the kind of love that burns so deep and bright that it’s a physical pain when you’re not together. It consumes you, it consumes your thoughts, your time, your energy. 

I even remember thinking in the early days that if my heart was this full with love and happiness, surely it would explode and take my mind with it. 

And that was fine by me. When we broke up, suddenly there was this gaping hole in my chest where my heart and soul had been, where colours had been brighter and laughter came much easier.

What became of this all-consuming fire that used to live inside me? Did it simply burn out or did it fade away to nothing over time? Did I simply give up and walk away from my handpicked prescription for joy just because life gets hard sometimes? 

No. True love is not something that just goes away. 

But I can tell you that, unless you are both completely open to talking about all things, holding no punches back (to be released at a later date), you will never break through to the other person and all the feelings you could ever have will be permanently locked away for one person only – you.

Do you ever truly get over someone that you honestly loved?

Can lost feelings come back? I don’t think you ever truly get over someone that you honestly loved. Time will disappear the pain and anger, but for me I have processed it so much over the years that I have taken a different approach to getting over people emotionally that I have loved.

I can’t speak for others and their experiences, but I am going to share with you my approach to getting over people that I have loved.

The first thing that I do is mourn. I mourn the loss of their happiness, their future, I mourn the pain they are in, I mourn the time wasted and any time spent on them.

When I am finished mourning, the one thing that is left is the love that I had for them. That love can never be erased, never destroyed and will always be a part of who I am and how I run my life.

Is there always that feeling that you just have to have that person in your life, even when you know it’s not right?.

The truth is that I do miss her in some cases, or some memories come to me unintentionally, but it’s mixed with so much anger and hurt. 

That fact alone makes it hard to love her. I can’t forgive her and move on because she didn’t ask for forgiveness. She cheated on me and pretended nothing happened. 

I guess that’s what breaks my heart the most. The fact that she chose to be the woman she was, the woman who was never really there for me, the woman who didn’t want to do better for herself or for me. 

She made her own decisions, but she never once tried to make things better with me. That’s why it’s really hard for me to still love her.

The thing is, we’re probably better off without each other. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss her daily. I think about how our life could have been if we were together in a different way.

Can you lose feelings overnight for someone you genuinely loved?

Lose feelings never force anyone to talk to you? Can lost feelings come back? I was in love with the person I thought I knew. We were in a long-term relationship and built a life together. I loved that person deeply and trusted them implicitly. They were my confidant, my friend, my lover, my partner.

Some years ago that person walked out of my life and shattered everything I believed to be true about us, about our life together and about myself.

I was devastated. How could someone’s feelings for me change so quickly? How could someone who I thought loved me leave? How could someone who claimed to love me so much suddenly not care about me at all? 

I had no answers and it made no sense.

What I do know is that the emotions at play here are powerful ones. Our feelings toward people are not singular or fixed as many of us like to believe. 

Love, our feelings for another person, can be many different things and change in intensity over time because of what we learn about that person or because of the experiences we share together.

What hurts the most in letting go of someone you love? 

Lose feelings never force anyone to talk to you? When things changed in a relationship. The question is “how do you feel when you have to let go of a person you loved very deeply? How do you feel when the person you love decided to let you go?” Can lost feelings come back?

It was a hard time for both of us. Nevertheless, we had to decide on whether to stay or part ways. I didn’t want our relationship to end, but with her decision there was no other option.

I wish I could change my life so many times. However, I couldn’t and I’ll never forget that time, when I had to let go of the person I loved so much. But then I came across a place that can help me not just forget about her but help me move on. 

I think it’s the moment when you realize they weren’t ever going to love you back. When you realize they belonged to someone else all along. When you realize that no matter how hard you try, you will never be enough.

It’s the realization that, in letting go, you have to do it alone. You have to face everyone who judged you when you were with them. You have to hear them say: “I knew you would back out.”

  • You have to see the person you used to be with every time you look in the mirror.
  • You have to see him or her in your children’s faces.
  • You have to face a future where nothing can hurt more than the memory of their name.

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