will i ever find love in my life

Will I Ever Find Love in My Life Or Pretend I Have?

What is love? There are many definitions, but it is not just a short-term infatuation and desire but a deep feeling of attraction to another person. Love is an important part of our life that cannot be neglected or forgotten. It is difficult to live without love. But, will I ever find love in my life? 

Finding love means a lot of things, but first of all, you have to find a person you feel very attracted to, who has the same interests as you and shares the same views about life.

There is no doubt that love is a really beautiful gift from God. Everyone wants to fall in love and stay in love forever. It’s not easy, though. There are many situations when people become disappointed and never find the right person. 

It goes the same with me. I was looking for my soulmate, but it was hard to do that. I had to meet a lot of girls and go on dates, but nothing happened. 

Every time I get closer to someone, then everything ends up so worse. Maybe it was my fault or something else.

I believe that people make each other better, but they also let each other down. I believe life is an adventure to be had with another person.

However, ever since I can remember, I have never had anyone truly, madly, deeply love me. After all, it’s the only thing I’m missing.

Nobody wants to be around someone who’s a bad joke, lonely and heartbroken. Why do I always feel like the butt of the joke in my own life story?

Isn’t there a magic pill or something that could make her love me? Why does it have to be so hard to find love in this world? 

Is it true that “all the good ones are taken”? No! All of them must have been taken by luckier or more charming people than I am.

Why is finding true love difficult? 

Finding love in the modern world seems to be getting harder and harder. In this fast-paced age of constant change, we are all looking for something different. 

Much of what we see on TV and in movies is so far removed from the reality of relationships. Our main goal should be to figure out what we want, and that way, we can better find it.

It is important in life to know exactly what you want. If you haven’t had a lot of relationships, then take some time to figure out what you want from your relationships, from a partner, from a relationship in general. 

What qualities do you want? Do you want someone who has the same goals and interests as you?

So many people are looking for something different. At some point, you have to assess yourself — why are you even looking for someone else in the first place? Maybe it’s time to look at yourself before seeking out someone else.

Will I ever find love? The answer is, it depends. Why? Let’s take a look at these characteristics. 

1. Your standards are unrealistic.

There is no doubt that standard in a relationship is important. In reality, I usually suggest knowing what you’re trying to find and getting discerning in figuring out whether potential loved ones can check away from the significant boxes. 

Nevertheless, if you are not planning to settle until finally, you discover a guy who’s 6’4, independently rich, wants to travel and wants kids, you will be looking for a long time. 

And in case you’ve certain yourself that you have a certain “type,” in every honesty, you are probably writing folks off for all the completely wrong reasons.

So, it’s time to contemplate your main priorities because it’s less likely that any individual you meet up with will suit this super-specific picture you’ve painted for the best companion. 

What’s more significant for your needs? Somebody who’s blonde, or somebody who’s dependable? 

A blonde individual, or somebody adventurous like you? After you figure that out, you’ll have an easier time sussing out who’s an excellent go with.

2. You have zero confidence.

Mankind can detect self-confidence just as a dog can sniff out a bomb. And let’s be actual: self-confidence will be the sexiest issue on the planet. 

So, if you are lacking it, that could be a major turnoff on dates. If you don’t feel self-assured, you are a lot less apt to be assertive with your dating life. 

You don’t have trouble contacting that person to find out if they wish to go out once again because you choose that they can find someone “better.” 

If it is the scenario, you have to work on your own esteem. 

Begin expressing positive affirmations each morning, encircle yourself with people who build you up, and look into hobbies and actions that make you feel competent and clear on yourself. 

Whatever can be done to improve your confidence will greatly assist — because your dates will be able to inform.

3. You might have unhealthy self-defence mechanisms.

Have you ever seen how often the bachelor speaks about “putting walls up”? We’re all frightened of getting harmed, and in case you’ve been burned before — like by an ex who cheated on you — you could be extra guarded. 

You may have relied on issues or are getting to be unknowingly pessimistic or paranoid. And as a result, maybe you have also developed several protection systems that are actually spoiling your possibilities of getting near to someone. 

For example, if you were raised in a household where your parents didn’t show much affection, you could have developed distrust whenever someone looked “too” into you and bolted in the other direction. 

Or, if you’ve been blindsided by a destructive breakup before, you might find on your own prematurely decreasing things to prevent yourself from becoming dumped once more.

Regardless of your self-defence mechanism, the basic of it is a fear of susceptibility. But without weakness, you’ll never have closeness — you’ll be left having a shell of your interconnection that never actually will grow into something significant or long-lasting. 

To break out of those tendencies, you’ll have to do some serious digging into why you’re so fearful of getting close to a person. When and the way performed this fear area?  And precisely, what is your defence system in place to shield you from?

4. Your insecurities are leading you to get clingy.

Are you actively seeking symptoms that something’s completely wrong in just about every dating situation? 

Do you feel like you need to have frequent reassurance through your lover regarding their emotions and resolve for you? Can it trigger an influx of concern and fear when a person doesn’t text you back within some time?

If dating talks about these kinds of anxiety for you personally, you could have a stressed attachment style. It is not your wrongdoing — and probable stalks back on the unpredictability of the caregivers’ adore and fondness from a young age. 

Nonetheless, it’s worth discovering and focusing on because it will surely help it become difficult to long last relationships.

5. You’re not enabling you to ultimately experience real closeness.

Speaking of connection styles, if you run for that hillsides any time someone becomes a little too close up, you may be called “avoidant.” You believe you need a relationship, but when a person desires a specific measure of mental closeness with you or a certain amount of time, you feel suffocated and swiftly make an get out of it. 

But guess what? Relationships are simply rewarding if they pressure you from your comfort zone slightly. So, you might want to commence thinking of what exactly it is that turns you off or frightens you about someone seeking you or depending upon you. 

Simply because, to be honest, you can’t have your cake and eat it, also: to put it differently, remain impartial while also possessing a committed partner.

Will I ever find love in my life?

Will I ever find love? An emphatic answer is YES! But you may be wondering, how? Well, you see… that’s the thing. Finding love takes a certain kind of adventurousness. It takes courage and bravery. You have to put yourself out there and fall in love with the unknown. 

The reality is all things are possible when you have the right support system. However, before you decide that Cupid for hire is your best option, why not turn to one who truly understands love? Why not let someone who has been there, who has felt all the feels, be your guide?

I’ve had my share of failed relationships. It took a while, but I was able to learn from them and positively use that knowledge. 

My experiences led me to write this post that would help others who have experienced heartache or been rejected from love. Although rejection is difficult to deal with, there are steps you can take to initiate change in your life that will ultimately bring about positive change results.

When you can see things clearly, you realize what you have lost and how important it is for you to initiate change in your life after breaking up.

The days that follow a breakup can be the most confusing and emotional time in a person’s life. You may feel helpless, angry, sad, lonely and hopeless. All the feelings you were trying to avoid before the breakup hits hard and fast. They will knock you off your feet, and you will have no choice but to sit with them.

Why do I want to stay with you for the rest of my life?

I can hear the voice of the person in love in the conversation I had with myself. Why do I want to stay with you for the rest of my life? I want to stay with you. I want to stay with you forever.

This kind of dialogue will never change over time. Because love is always true, it is just that the place where we live and the way of thinking has changed over time.

In this era of rapid change, perhaps we should not forget that everything will go back to zero once it has reached its peak. (Why do I want to stay with you for the rest of my life?) 

As a result, every time we kiss our loved ones, we will be filled with warmth because this is one way for you to love me better and for me to love you back better.

What do you think will I ever find love? There’s no single “right time,” because there’s no single definition of true love. If you’re waiting until achieving financial independence to find love, but your partner-to-be isn’t on the same career path, you might be waiting for a very long time in vain. 

If you’re waiting until you’re married to find love, but you’re holding out for someone with whom you share a deeply spiritual connection, it could be quite a while before Cupid finds his mark.

That said, there are some useful guidelines for gauging when you might be ready to have a meaningful relationship. 

Obviously, no one can tell you exactly when that is, but if you’re asking yourself this question, you’ve already done a lot of the work in figuring out who you are and what your priorities are — and those are good places to start.

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