How VPN Protects You?

A VPN is a great tool to use when you are on public Wi-Fi, connecting to public unsecured networks, or basically when you are on any untrusted network.  It provides a secure connection to the Internet over public networks such as the airwaves and the internet. This is done by encrypting all your communications with […]

Can VPN Reduce Ping?

Improved ping is essential for uninterrupted browsing and gaming. Ping, to put simply, is the time it takes for your request to reach the web server.  If your ping is high, it indicates that it takes a while for the signal to be sent and received by your network and the website or game server. […]

Can VPN Increase Internet Speed?

Can VPN increase internet speed or is it just an established tech myth? There is a growing trend of awareness regarding user privacy and security.  More people are becoming aware of government and corporate surveillance programs and are looking for ways to protect their privacy.  VPN has already been an essential tool to bypass geo-restrictions […]

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