Did you ever realize why life sucks?

Did you ever realize why life sucks?

Life is a mysterious journey. For the rest of your life, you’ll go through ups and downs. When life follows an upper trend, we just enjoy it the most. However, when life sucks, we don’t feel cool and goes through tons of disappointment. But, did you ever realize that why life sucks?

No matter how often we try to convince ourselves that everyday life is fantastic, we should appreciate it towards the max; it still messes us up in the long run.

Eventually, the majority of people notice that life does suck. However, this realization is tough to bear, and then we would rather trick ourselves that ultimately, things can get much better. Probably they may work for some; however, in general, things don’t always get better. We need to go through continuous improvement.

Life is pretty terrible for many reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that why life sucks.

1. You’ll not get everything you want.

Experiencing whatever you want doesn’t imply possessing a lot of pricey things, driving sports cars, and owning a mansion.

It is about finding the best harmony between family, close friends, loved ones, personal space, work, contentment, money, etc. Positive, it is possible to accomplish any kind of those activities only when you set them up for your main priority.

That’s where it becomes clear that daily life hurts. You may have only one top priority. The others will inevitably be prevented eventually. You are constantly standing upright between challenging options and judgments that sometimes, as an alternative to leading you, help make your lifestyle unbearably complex.

2. You will see justice in only movies or comics

We all imagine a world where good deeds always pay off, and terrible folks get the things they are entitled to. Especially when we’re young and enjoy all of these movies where the main character is potent, intelligent, very good, and with a robust sense of proper rights, they just beat villains, and the world peace is readily reconditioned.

In reality, bad things happen to great people, and deceitful individuals prosper and reside happily ever soon after. When you are as I am, then you can’t remain seeing injustice all-around. Sadly, that’s just what daily life is full of.

Having higher morals happens to be full nonsense because, in general, justice is a thing people conceived. The world has no clue what that is, certainly. Therefore we shouldn’t assume individuals to be legitimate and genuine. It is simply not the way it operates.

3. Chaos is all over the place.

Individuals often mention that what goes around comes around. The popular conception is that if we perform well, it is going to ultimately come back to us. That’s why we are constantly trying to find order in every little thing we do. We are used to taking part in and residing by specific guidelines. Effectively, evidently, daily life has other plans.

Life is loaded with chaotic and irrational circumstances, points, individuals, situations. In a single moment, you can have it all and be utterly delighted, and after that, your whole planet could be shattered. It is all a single large disorganized unattractive wreck.

Therefore, we have zero choice but to handle it since the majority of this mess is out of our control.

4. Life won’t give you a second chance

No one is ever going to truly give you a 2nd chance. Sure, you could retake an assessment or reapply for that great job position; nevertheless, it would not be just like the very first time.

As an example, if you crash into a relationship, your lover could consent to take you back. Nonetheless, their thoughts should never be as powerful while they were actually well before, and they can constantly query your motives.

So indeed, there are actually no next possibilities. Then why would we gain knowledge from our shortcomings when we can’t really repair days gone by? Properly, we can’t correct the last, but we could increase our upcoming.

5. Always you don’t like what you do.

Most people work in a place they detest, with co-workers they can’t stay. Some say: “Love what you do, and do whatever you love,” but in most cases, this doesn’t pay the bills and carry food on the desk. Chances are you’re going to be trapped in a career you’re sick of throughout your life.

If we take a look at the bigger picture, our workplace is how we spend almost all of our time. This means that many people are doomed to be unhappy and bitter for the majority of their life. Would you still believe that life doesn’t suck?

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