breaking up with the love of your life

Breaking up with the love of your life? Is it possible to ever move on?

Breaking up with the love of your life? Love is the ultimate emotion that every one of us would like to experience. It is a feeling of strong affection shared between two people, which makes you happy, but we all know that the real world is not so perfect. Sometimes it causes breaking up with the love of your life. 

Just like any other person, you might experience a sad moment when you think you have to break up with the love of your life.

As time goes by, you will slowly find that your memories of the good times spent together are fading away. The more time passes, the harder it will be for you to get over your breakup. However, it is a natural process. Give yourself some time to heal and then you will be fine.

I have just been dumped, my heart has been broken, and now I have to face the reality of not being with the woman I love. I am left with a lot of questions as to what I did wrong and why she left me. It is the worst pain I have ever felt before. I know I will survive, but I just wish that she would have communicated with me more.

Breaking up with the love of your life has never been harder than now. We live in a time where we can communicate with our loved ones 24 hours a day and where face-to-face contact is less important than it used to be. 

And, even though technology has made our lives easier in many ways, it has also made the process of breaking up with someone much more complicated.

What does it feel like breaking up with the love of your life?

I  mean, how do you feel? I’m sure you’re pretty sad about it. But honestly, how do you feel?

Because I broke up with my girlfriend 3 years ago and I have to say, a lot of the articles out there seem to tell men how they should break up with someone, but they never really talk about how they really feel. So, I’m trying to change that.

They say, “it’s better to be alone than in bad company.” Well, I think that is complete BS. People can be bad and toxic. You can also be toxic on your own. It’s like saying that it is better to be black than white. 

And actually, being alone isn’t always better. You need someone you can share your life with, who will support you and who you support back.

“It’s for the best.” “The best isn’t always an option.” Those are two of the biggest lies we convince ourselves of when we enter to break up territory. 

The truth is that, if it’s not working, it isn’t working. And if it’s not going to work, then now isn’t the time to be forcing it to work.

How does it feel to break up while you’re still in love?

Breaking up when you’re still in love? There are so many feelings involved when it comes to breaking up: sadness, anger, and betrayal.

But what if you’re still in love with your ex? How does this even happen?

Let’s take a step back and talk about what can be done to move forward from here. After the hurt has subsided and you’ve accepted that things didn’t work out, try talking to your ex about your feelings. How does it feel to break up while you’re still in love? 

Figure out how both of you can move on from here. There are no set rules when it comes to relationships, so it’s important to follow your heart.

This is especially noticeable with millennials, who have a new approach to relationships and commitment. Many are choosing to keep their options open within the dating world and these “starter” relationships don’t always translate into long-term relationships. 

If your ex isn’t interested in pursuing a relationship because of time or interest, don’t push the issue. Be prepared for an awkward situation that could deteriorate into a full-blown argument or even resentment.

View it as a friendship that ended with some sexual chemistry/flirting. Breakups don’t always have to be messy!

The only cure to overthinking the ‘what ifs’ is to keep your mind busy by being productive. Keeping yourself occupied by transforming your energy into something meaningful, productive and everlasting is a great way to stop the heartache. 

You’ll also appreciate the time you had with that person; the memories you made, the experiences you shared and that special someone who got you through some of your best and worst times.

Apply this to everything you do in life because everything good or bad is a learning experience.

That morning you woke up not wanting to face the day can be somewhat of a blessing if you let it be. Realizing that there’s nothing more than what’s happening right now can help get you caught up in the moment.

After saying goodbye to a relationship, a breakup or an unfortunate situation, surround yourself with love and positive thoughts.

And finally, if you still have feelings for your ex but they aren’t willing to work things out with you, leave them alone. 

Let them live their lives and be happy without you. It might not seem like the best option at first, but if they aren’t willing to try and make it work with you, then they aren’t worth your time.

Is it possible to ever move on after breaking up with true love?

Recently, I caught myself staring at old pictures of me and my ex on my cell phone. It was Valentine’s Day and I ended up spending it by myself. Being alone on Valentine’s Day wasn’t new to me. It has somehow become a regular holiday for me to spend alone since my breakup with my girlfriend.

I kept scrolling through the pictures of the time when we were together, and couldn’t stop thinking about how much I loved her. 

It is a normal human feeling to want to know that someone you loved still loves you as much as before. The fact that a relationship ended makes it even more difficult to cope with the situation. 

The ending of any relationship is painful and filled with regrets, but some people move on quickly and some suffer for a long time. What if you are the kind of person who wants to know that your ex misses you? 

I love you VS I have a love for you

Have you ever thought about the difference between “I love you” and “I have a love for you”? Love is a word and a concept that is used so much in our life, we even say it to our pets. What is the difference between “I love you” and “I have a love for you”? 

Love is always a noun. A possessive noun. When we say “I have a love for you”, it shows that the object is not owned by the subject. It’s something that belongs to someone else, but the subject has feelings of admiration, affection or cares towards it.

Based on some people’s responses, it seems that “I love you” has a more personal and subjective meaning, since everyone defines it differently.

Some people say, “I love you” when she is in a very good mood when she is thinking of me or something that she wanted to tell me or do for me.

When she says, “I have a love for you,” she’s usually telling me that she’s angry at me, or complaining about something I have said or done.

On the other hand, one friend told me that “I love you” is a feeling of absolute devotion. And “I have a love for you” is a demonstration of that feeling, but not quite as deep as “I love you.”

Another person said that “I love you” is an expression of eternal devotion and that “I have a love for you” is something he/she would say to a child.

What does ”fear is the heart of love” mean?

Growing up, I always wondered why people clung to the idea of love so much. I thought that there must’ve been a better reason than the one that everyone kept talking about. A better reason than feelings, a better reason to care so much about each other, to get so attached.

Love is scary for many. Fear of rejection, fear of commitment and losing yourself in the process. But is love at the risk of losing yourself worth it?

Love looks like the way your significant other makes a sandwich. Love feels like the way your significant other makes you feel when you’re sitting next to them on a couch.

Let’s take a look at why fear is love?

  • Fear becomes a choice when you understand that it is the other side of love.
  • Fear becomes your lover when you know what it means to be in love with your heart, body and soul.
  • Fear is the in-between phase between two lovers. It’s the space that offers protection and separation.
  • Fear is a lesson that teaches how to be vulnerable without compromising yourself or your partner.
  • Fear only exists because of love and love only continues to grow stronger because of fear. You can’t be truly fearless unless you’re willing to love recklessly and totally expose yourself to being hurt or disappointed.

If you lose your feeling toward someone you once loved, can they come back?

The world of love and relationships is like a piece of cake with delicious and sometimes very painful slices, but we can’t even think of eating it without at least tasting some of its bitterness. Especially when it comes to love.

Everyone is different and everyone’s feelings are different. The only way to find out if your feelings have come back is by giving it a try. Many relationships have been saved with patience and love.

I was happy when I met you, and I was really happy when I’m with you. You were always the one I love, but how can you betray me like that?

In her eyes, I was going to find my past feelings again. With what kind of feelings do you think love can be brought back? What do you think is the best way to deal with breaking up with the love of your life? 

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