accepting you will never find Love

How do you accept the fact you will never find love?

How do you accept the fact you will never find Love? Accepting you will never find Love is a mixture of the worst feelings. Love is hard. It makes you feel like you never thought you’d feel. It makes you believe in impossible things. It makes you vulnerable, and when it hurts, it hurts so fucking bad that you almost wish you could just die.

I feel like it’s a funny one; if you had asked me this a few years ago, I would have said “of course” like most people probably did. But now – I feel like I can say with relative certainty that I will never find Love

That’s the way it seems right now. How did this happen? Did I just get ugly? Did I just become unlovable? Did I just become a total jerk, and nobody wants to be around me? 

Or did I make a negative turn somewhere along the line, and now, I’m just destined to live the entire life alone? The truth is – none of those things happened.

I was OK with the fact that I would never find Love. I just accepted it. You see, I was never interested in Love. I hate that word so much, yet it is so beautiful. It messes with my head.

Life is a game of chance. You’ll win some, and you’ll lose some. It’s all about the way you choose to live your life.

However, sometimes it can feel like the weight of the world has been put on your shoulders, and at times you feel like you just aren’t strong enough to continue carrying it. 

But that’s because you’ve been looking at it the wrong way. You need to look at it with a different mindset to finally accept the fact you will never find Love.

Do you ever fear you’ll never find Love? 

Are you accepting you will never find love? If so, you’re definitely not alone. According to a survey by Tinder, single people are the most insecure group in society, with nearly three-quarters of them worried about being alone forever.

Do you ever find yourself afraid to fall in love because you don’t think you can handle the heartache? Or perhaps you have fallen in Love and found yourself more hurt than happy. Do you ever find yourself on an endless search for the perfect partner who can fix all your problems and ultimately bring you “happiness?”

A favourite author, John Rohn, once said, “Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.” But how do we accept the fact we’ll never find that person?

This is a fear I’ve dealt with for most of my life and one I’m still struggling with today. I’m afraid that I’ll never find true love. The fear of rejection, abandonment or even death is a fear many people question but yet few talk about.

As a creative, I often withdraw from the world when I feel this way because I’m always seeking new ways to express myself.

When I was 19, I met someone who gave me hope that it was possible. When I was 24, I realized she would always be out of my reach. 

And then, a year later, when I thought I was well over it, I found someone else who made me feel the same way. And then, just after my 27th birthday, I realized she would always be out of my reach too. 

All these years later, I still think about these women every day, and they still spark my same fears.

It is said by many that time heals all wounds, but it hasn’t healed mine so far. When time goes by, the harder it is to believe it ever will. 

They say Love conquers all fears, but for me, it just made things worse because now I know that if I did not find the Love of my life at 19 and again at 24, there’s no guarantee I ever will.

Why do some people never find Love?

So many of the songs that are on the radio are about the same thing: Love. And I’m talking about Love between a man and a woman. It’s great, but why does that have to be the only kind of Love?

A lot of people want to be in Love, and they spend their whole lives looking for it. They want to find someone who will make them feel complete, who will drive all their fears away, who they can trust unconditionally with their heart and soul.

Even though these things are important, there’s more to love than romance. Why do some people never find Love?

The answer is simple: we all want something deep, real and lasting, but we think we need a person to give it to us.

Besides, any time you open your heart, you make yourself vulnerable. Any time you love someone, you’re risking getting hurt. You don’t open your heart to just anyone, though… You have to open it to someone special: the one who makes your heart flutter, your knees weak, and your stomach turn into butterflies. 

It feels like Love is taking a risk when you fall for someone new and vulnerable, but if you fall for someone who makes you feel safe, then it’s not a risk at all.

In fact, it’s a gift.

Feeling that type of Love is what makes us human… It’s what makes us feel alive.

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