we love each other but can't be together

We love each other but can’t be together

The feeling that we love each other but can’t be together is the most painful thing that happens to the dream of love. People who have experienced it have strong memories and loneliness and often have regrets after the end of the relationship.

Love is what we get when we want to get over you.

There’s definitely an unexplainable bond, a pull towards someone that may or may not be reciprocated. It seems like having a crush on a celebrity who, while they might date someone else, never get over you, and you never get over them. It’s that feeling that sucks all the air out of your lungs, brings butterflies to your chest, and makes your heart skip a beat. It’s a feeling that’s indescribable.

Every single day at sunset, we place notes on the pier for the one that got away, for that special someone who lingers in our thoughts and keeps us up at night with unanswered questions and unfulfilled desires.

Why is our love met with mixed emotions?

I think that I could never be with her. She was beautiful and vibrant, and everyone wanted to be around her. She was enough for everyone, but she wasn’t enough for me.

I started to confuse my love for her with the jealousy of knowing that someone else could have her. My desire to have her began to feel like it was more than just desire. It became a need. It became an obsession. I had never met someone who was a constant source of conversation until she, and I can honestly say that it has negatively affected me in many ways.

Everywhere I went, I saw her face. And everywhere she went, I saw my face in the crowd watching her, but she never looked back at me.

She loves me; I love her but can’t be her. I have tried to convince myself that being selfish is the way to go, and if she truly loves me as well, then it will work itself out. I’m afraid that she will move on or end up in a complicated situation.

I love her but can’t be her. I will not string her along either. If she wants to make this work, then I’ll be here for her.  It’s not fair to her, but if it works out then, it’s all good.

I love her but can’t be her. I know the truth…I just don’t want to admit it to myself.

I love her but can’t be her. We will never be together again.

I love her but can’t be her. Our situation has changed dramatically. She went through a huge life change which had a major impact on our relationship. We see each other every week, but we have no contact all week long; it’s killing me. I have never thought this way towards someone before.

Why can’t I be together with you?

We love each other but can’t be together because I don’t want to disturb your life. I don’t want to be a reason for any trouble to you or your family. I don’t want you to worry about me. I don’t want to burden you with all my problems. Yes, I can imagine how painful it must be for you when I tell you that I still love you.

In the modern world, it is hard if you really love each other. Sometimes, you will have to choose between love and career, friendship, or love and family. Sometimes the forces from outside are so strong that people just feel helpless. They are unable to be together, although their hearts long for each other. It’s so hard, but yet, it’s not impossible as I believe. Keep patient and believe in your love. It’s true that with love, everything is possible.

Because someday, whether you are together or not, the feelings will remain even though there is nobody. So Promise me… Just promise me you will never forget me.

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