Why life takes unexpected turns

Why life takes unexpected turns?

Why life takes unexpected turns? You can’t plan for the twists, turns, and ups and downs that life is sure to send your way. The unexpected things that happen in life are usually the most important things.

We’re used to thinking of life as a straight line from point A (birth) to point B (death) and what happens in between as a series of minor detours or temporary traffic jams. But I prefer to think of life as a multiple-choice quiz with dozens of unmarked paths that each have their own little surprises.

Life is full of surprises. We have to make some very important decisions every day. Some make us happy, while others disappoint us. Nobody’s life is perfect, and we don’t know where each step will lead us. But this is what makes life worthwhile – each decision takes us to a new destination and teaches us something new.

This is the philosophy of Oleg Zhiltsov, the former head of the marketing team at Mail.Ru, who, while leading a big corporate conglomerate, was dreaming of starting his own business. This dream has come true today, and he has managed to face the first year of business with a smile on his face and an understanding that sometimes life takes an unexpected turn in the right direction.

So much of our day-to-day lives is spent moving along a predictable path. We make plans, follow routines, and get stuck in a pattern of life that we don’t even notice. We lose sight of the big picture and the bigger questions.

We stop asking why and start accepting that sometimes things are just the way they are. And then something happens in our lives to disrupt our usually complacent existence, and we realize there was more to those questions than we thought.

If we had just taken the time to look back at the big picture, we might have seen the pattern, and the questions would not have remained left unanswered.

Like all of us, I, too, am guilty of taking life a little too seriously at times. I can become so wrapped up in all my responsibilities that I forget to take a step back and admire what we’ve built as a family or where we’ve come from.

Why is life unexpected?

I get the question often, why life is unexpected. Why life takes unexpected turns? I guess it’s a way people ask themselves if they really understand what they’re doing here.

There are so many things out there that the average person will never have the opportunity to experience in their entire lifetime. That’s where experiences come in. Experiences are a great way to learn about this thing called life. You can have an experience, or you can have expectations.

Real-life is unpredictable. Staying on track with your goals and objectives doesn’t always happen as planned. Whether you’re starting at a new school, you’re transitioning into a new career, or you’ve been unexpectedly sidelined or taken off the market, so you can turn the challenges in your life into opportunities for success.

Uncertainty is a complex and often uncomfortable feeling. It can appear in the form of an unplanned pregnancy, a sudden illness or injury, the loss of a job, or other crises. It happens to us all at some time or another. And we need to learn how to deal with it.

It could mean different things to different people, depending on where you are in life, what has happened, and how you see it.

It could be many things; happiness, money, love, or even just having a good day.

What’s one thing that would make you feel better about life as you know it today? What would help your day to be a little less bad and a little better?

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