Who does Mikasa end up with

Who does Mikasa end up with?

Mikasa has gone through many personal changes since she first appeared within Attack on Titans. Who does Mikasa end up with – Hey guys! This question has been on my mind since about season two. I really love the idea of Mikasa and Eren’s relationship, but I thought that Jean and she would be a cute combination as well.

Mikasa is one of the most popular characters in Attack on Titan. She’s extremely badass and known for being strong, brave, and protective, but what about her love life? What do you think happened to Mikasa? You may have noticed that she still has feelings for Eren even after everything between them. However, there are also hints that she probably found love with Armin.

As a young girl, Eren takes Mikasa after both of her parents are killed by human traffickers. The siblings later join the Survey Corps, an elite military branch that fights Titans. However, when they are unable to save Eren from being kidnapped, Mikasa joins the military police with Armin and sets off to rescue him.

During a female Titan battle, she is swallowed whole and presumed dead. Afterward, Armin witnesses Eren’s transformation, allowing him to manually drive and control his Titan body.

Later, a Titan that looks like a human from behind with Mikasa’s hairstyle attacks one of the walls. But, who does Mikasa end up with?

What happened to Mikasa after Eren dies?

What happened to Mikasa after Eren dies – The death of Eren Yeager is very painful for Mikasa Ackerman. The girl she has always trusted, the only one she has always loved, has disappeared forever. She feels empty inside like she’s missing something important in her life.

And the return of her adoptive mother, Rivaille, doesn’t help increase her chances of getting over her loss. When Eren dies after that what mikasa were doing?

Things are not looking good for Mikasa Ackerman since she lost Eren. The girl left alone without thinking much about it is now the target of an organization that wants to experiment on her.

Despite all her efforts to escape, Mikasa is finally captured and taken by force to the place where the “craziest researchers in the universe” are, doing horrible experiments on her.

I think, if Eren died, after REASONABLE TIME of Mikasa sat by his grave, there was no sign of any titan, so it is ok; she can travel to Shiganshina or live in the forest near Shiganshina. But I think she probably will go to Shiganshina, find Historia Reiss and Willy Tybur, who planned to take Historia as queen. In this case, she will be posted as a royal bodyguard of Historia.

But if Eren is still alive, I think Mikasa will come back from the forest near Shiganshina. She will probably know about Grisha Yeager’s research’s existence from Erwin Smith. She will probably join him and Annie Leonhart to find the basement where all information about Grisha Yeager’s research is hidden.

But I don’t think that Mikasa was going to marry Eren.

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