when a narcissist knows you love him

What happens when you tell a narcissist you love?

What happens when a narcissist knows you love him? A narcissist who knows you love them is a narcissist who never doubts their superiority and is confident that they are worthy of your love.

The borderline between love and hate is incredibly thin, and something fragile could happen when a narcissist realizes the love you have for them. A healthy narcissist is a narcissist who has high self-esteem and is secure with themselves.

This type of narcissist doesn’t need validation because they find it in their confidence and value. On the other hand, a malignant narcissist needs constant attention, praise, and admiration to feel like they are worth something.

The difference between these two types of narcissists is that one is confident and secure with themselves and is genuinely happy for their loved one’s accomplishments, and one thrives off of emotional manipulation to feel superior and powerful.

When a narcissist knows that you love them, it makes them feel like they are more superior to you are and gives them a sense of empowerment over you.

In a truly narcissistic relationship, the narcissist knows that you love him. It’s mutual. When he says, “I love you,” do you believe him?

What does it feel like when a narcissist knows you love him? And then, after he knows (but before you confront him), you start to realize, maybe he knows because he’s narcissistic and he’s a decent actor but not in that ‘he’s been a good boy’ way.

Relationship VS non-narcissistic relationship.

Let’s find the key difference between relationships VS non-narcissistic relationships. People show their love and care in many ways. Narcissistic use words of abusing people when they are upset. They contradict the words they say. The main difference between a relationship and a narcissistic relationship is that a narcissist is thoughtless and selfish.

Narcissists threaten, manipulate, and cause terrible pain if you do not do what they want. They forget things, lie, miss facts, and make up stories to justify their actions or to get what they want.

A non-narcissistic relationship is one where both people involved understand their individual roles and relate well to each other as a team. There are several ways to make this work and many different ways to handle a partner with narcissistic personality disorder, but there are also examples of relationships that do not work at all because irrational behavior is involved.

Who is the average couple that engages in an active relationship? There are many types of couples that engage in an active relationship. The most popular are the ones found in movies and books. Those that are seen as successful, romantic, exciting, and filled with love.

These types of relationships are not always based on reality. Many of the couples in the media today are great examples of what many consider true love but should not be taken as a guide for real-life examples. That’s because true love takes a lot more work than what is depicted in the media.

Is a narcissistic relationship unhealthy?

A narcissistic relationship is unhealthy for many reasons. At the core of this type of relationship is the narcissist.

Those who are taken advantage of in this type of relationship are responsible for the narcissist’s well-being and happiness. The narcissist has absolutely no sense of responsibility. They use and abuse their victims in the most heinous manner, yet they believe they are doing nothing wrong.

Everyone wants a loving relationship, but when someone begins to place conditions on love, it is a red flag that they have some issues.

A relationship should be unconditional; otherwise, it is abused, and it may not be taken seriously by a narcissist. In a healthy, loving relationship, both parties make each other feel good about themselves. Still, in a narcissistic relationship, one person is drained by the other, and there is never an equal exchange regarding positive feelings.

How can you tell if a narcissist has truly fallen in love?

Love and relationship are two of the most important things in life. Narcissists and relationships are two of the most complex things in life. When you get them together, it becomes an even more complex situation.

Narcissists still have narcissistic features. The narcissistic features are what make them narcissistic. If a narcissist is acting like a narcissist and you are acting as if this person has fallen in love with you, then there is no problem because a narcissist can be in love with someone and still be a narcissist.

Do they still have a dark side? Do they still need to control? Are they still self-absorbed?

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