Are Relationships Overrated

 Are Relationships Overrated?

 What is a relationship? Are relationships overrated? A relationship is several things. A physical and emotional bond between two people. A friendship. A romance. A partnership. The relationship between you and your parents, siblings, and relatives. 

The relationship between you and your friends and colleagues. The relationship between you and your doctor or dentist.

Relationships are significant for men and women; many partners are willing to do everything for love and a loved one. 

The relationship has caused both men and women to make a lot of sacrifices, like:

  • Putting their careers on the line
  • Stop doing what they want to do
  • They are willing to give up their hobbies and interests
  • They sacrifice at work, school, and even home.

And sometimes, these sacrifices can ruin the relationship because the expectations are unclear. This can be a big problem in a relationship, so we must try to reduce some of these sacrifices, especially work-related because most people spend most of their days at work, don’t they?

When you fall in love with someone, you will see every day as a new opportunity to build your relationship with them and make them happy. Because when you are happy, your partner will also be satisfied.

Should we put our careers on hold because our partners don’t want us to? That’s not fair, is it? So I think we should talk together about the future together; about our goals and what we want when we are 60 years old and how we want to spend our time together. 

And then, let’s find a balance that works for us.

What Are the Top Reasons That Make Relationships Overrated?

Since the dawn of time, humans have been obsessed with relationships. They’re a massive part of what makes us human, so we’ll probably never stop caring about them. 

It’s also why some relationships are overrated. We’ve all had them: those exes that are more of a nuisance than anything else; close friends that consistently let us down; and family members that just won’t let go.

A relationship is one of the most celebrated things in human history. But how many of these relationships are overrated? Let me tell you about mine, and I’ll tell you what I know.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but many people get into a relationship just to have something of their own or because they find someone cute, funny or charming, etc. 

But the reality is that not everyone sees the same thing as attractive. I am talking about physical appearance here. 

If you have a specific type of girl/boyfriend in mind, and they don’t fit that description, your expectations will not be met.

Relationships should be based on mutual feelings and respect. Or at least that’s how it should be. 

And if it is not like that, then it’s not a relationship. It’s just a combination of two lonely people who found comfort in each other but don’t understand anything else to make it work.

I list 6 reasons that make relationships overrated. My top reasons include:

  1. If you are in a relationship because you’re lonely
  2. If your relationship is hanging by a thread
  3. If you’re dating someone for their looks only
  4. If all you care about is being with someone, not who they are
  5. If you’re dating just to drink the Kool-Aid
  6. If your family and friends don’t like your significant other

Are Relationships Overrated?

The answer is YES and NO. It depends. Relationships are overrated because we think we need a relationship to be happy in life. The truth is that it doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship. 

I mean, sure, it’s a comfort zone to have someone there, and it’s nice when you like someone, but for the most part, relationships are overrated because we think we need a relationship to be happy in life.

A relationship is when two people care about each other so much that they are willing to make sacrifices for one another. Even though you know this intellectually when choosing relationships or work, it’s always a tough call. 

You wonder if there’s something wrong with you for wanting more and hoping for better. For wanting something real, something that doesn’t require hours of prep. Something effortless, fun, and honest.

We are all born alone, and we will die alone. We are born individuals, and as individuals, we can only take full responsibility for our lives. The truth is that happiness is an individual responsibility, not a relationship responsibility.

As humans, we all deserve to be happy, and it hasn’t got a damn thing to do with what another person gives us.

The truth is that you can find happiness within yourself, and learning how to love yourself is the secret to living a fulfilled, exciting and free life.

Relationships are great and all, but they’re not something you need to complete. I want people to know that happiness and fulfillment come from within, so you don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy or full.

Healthy relationships are the foundation of an accountable life. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to take action with those closest to you.

Accountability is a myth. Accountability is suffering. A relationship based on accountability is a relationship that will end up in an abusive cycle of guilt and blame. Relationships are about trust and offering people the space to fail without fear that it will have lasting effects.

Why Do Some People Find Relationships Pointless?

Relationships are an essential part of life and can be one of the most fulfilling experiences ever. However, to others, they can be pointless or a waste of time.

The first time I was asked that question, I thought the person asking was dumb. Of course, relationships are pointless! But they’re also everything.

They’re the only thing that makes the whole idea of a life worth it. Whether you’re happy or sad, in love or mourning, all of our experiences need to be shared, and a relationship is how we all do it.

Relationships are a core part of what defines who we are and are often seen as a downside, a complication for leading a worthwhile life. Some people will say that people who say they want a relationship deny themselves the chance to be truly happy: Because everyone can be happy and fulfilled single, right?

In this way, the ultimate life is one where you never meet another person, never experience absolute joy or sadness or love, and never have to care about someone else’s well-being.

But this outlook is wrong. Not only is it scientifically impossible, but wouldn’t it be a pretty dull existence? The right relationship could change your life for the better. And in fact, most people who find themselves in good relationships generally agree that they’re happier and more fulfilled.

Relationships have ups and downs, but they’re the ups that make the downs seem worth it.

Relationships require effort, and the return on your actions is not always clear or measurable. 

Some people value rewards overwork, so when a relationship seems to lack a return on their efforts, they may find it pointless or a waste of time.

Relationships are not overrated because they’ll make life easier or more enjoyable. They’re underrated because they’ll make life fuller and more prosperous than anything else you could ever experience.

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