Is Fear a More Powerful Emotion Than Love

Is Fear a More Powerful Emotion Than Love?

What do you think? Is fear a more powerful emotion than love? Most of us have had the experience of being in a fearful situation whether it be walking through a dark alley, or being stuck in traffic. 

But what we choose to do after that is where our fate is decided. Fear usually follows us into situations we find uncomfortable, so how can we move past that? How can we surmount fear and find love? 

Love is something that happens when we least expect it , when we feel safe and protected, when we do not feel vulnerable or in need of protection. 

It’s like the pattern on a fabric , in a plain cloth it’s not visible but when draped over you it becomes more visible. 

It was said that if unconditional love exists, it would be in the fabric of love, at its core. 

Is Fear Stronger Than Love?

Is fear stronger than love? Does love really exist? Is it merely a fleeting emotion or is there something more behind it?

In our current state of the world, there is a significant amount of fear. Fear is paralyzing and crippling. Fear puts us into a psychological prison and prevents us from living the fullness of life. 

As a society, we are plagued with fear in many forms, whether it be the economy, hunger, deficiency of good education, lack of tolerance and understanding, or political unrest; these are just a few of the many reasons why there is widespread fear.

The philosophy of which is more powerful love or fear has become part of daily awareness for us. We believe that it is time to stop talking about what is wrong and instead make an ongoing commitment to do something about it by taking an active role in making positive changes that can ultimately lead to a better world for all.

“To see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour.”

Besides, love has been documented to be the most powerful force in the world. It makes humans act in ways that they wouldn’t have acted if they were afraid. The love for family, friends and even strangers can cause people to do whatever it takes to help them. 

Studies have shown that when a person is shown a picture of their loved one, the emotional part of their brain (limbic system) activates causing an instantaneous connection with the other parts of the brain which increases their ability to process information and increases their ability to carry out any task.

In fact, scientists have also found that when you’re in love your body releases certain hormones which are responsible for heightening your senses, improving your memory and increasing your energy levels. 

This is why people often feel butterflies in their stomach whenever they see their loved one.

Is Fear a More Powerful Emotion Than Love?

There is a reason it is referred to as the love drug. Falling in love is one of the strongest feelings any human being can experience. 

So strong that, in many ways more than any other emotion, love makes us do crazy things. We will go out and do things we never thought we would do and ignore things we swore we would never ignore just because we love and need that person.

So what is it about love that makes us do things that are so often contrary to our very nature? Sure, that person might make you feel special, worthy and desirable but why does your brain feel the need to have those affections met? 

If you listen to any song on the radio you will hear it: “nothing is stronger than the power of love” or “the power of love will help you heal” or “the power of love overcomes any obstacle”.

Which one is stronger: love or fear? Fear is a powerful emotion too because it is about you. All those fears are about you, your life, your body. Fear is the most concrete thing you have with yourself. But love has so many faces. It’s not that easy to understand.

It’s also very powerful because it doesn’t talk; love chooses not to talk most of the time. Sometimes it shows itself through action, but it doesn’t necessarily have to talk all the time. 

So on that level, I believe that fear has a little bit more weight behind it because it’s more concrete, but love has a lot more potential. Because it can be blinding sometimes, as well as self-destructive at times as well.

It depends on the kind of love you are talking about too; there are so many kinds of love. There’s romantic love, spiritual love, there’s unconditional parental love etc. 

It’s all kind of intertwined, but yeah they both have the same amount of power behind them it’s just that sometimes one wins over the other ones depending on what’s happening with oneself at the time being.

Is There a Fear in Love?

Why is love, at the end of the day, all about fear? A lot of people think that love is basically an illusion. And I suppose that it is, since the word it’s defined as: a strong feeling of affection based on sexual attraction. 

Love is difficult & ignorance, people say. It’s unknown, an indefinable concept, and unprovable in any sense; it will just give you the most pain you’ve ever felt. That being said, love hurts.

Love is daring and is courageous. Love is never easy, love is fearless. Love never gives up. Fear has a different story to tell about itself.

Fear tells you that you will be alone, fear tells you to control the other person, fear tells you to intimidate the other person. Fear tells you that it is not safe. Love makes you feel safe, love makes you feel confident, love makes you feel good, love gives you a great life.

Why Should You Overcome Fear to Win Love?

Some people are afraid of love because it involves a lot of expectations. Some people have fear of being hurt. Some people fail to cope with what they fear and become victims to their own weaknesses.

Fear can be a very powerful thing for people. It can stop you from doing many things in your life that could help you succeed.

To combat fear, you have to take a good look at it. Fear is always a bad feeling. If you feel bad, then what is the worst that could happen? It will help you see that there is nothing to be afraid of.

One mistake many people make is to not face their fears. Instead of looking into it and finding out how it hurts them, they ignore it and let fear win.

When faced with fear, ask yourself what it is you have to lose by doing something that you are afraid of doing. It will help you think about your situation differently and help you overcome the fear.

Fear makes us think that the worst can happen when, most likely, it will not happen at all or the outcome will be far less severe than we think it will be. It will give you the hope and courage to do things because you realize that there is really nothing to lose by doing it.

How Can I Believe in Love Again Without Feeling Fear of Rejection and Trust?

How we are accepted by others is a huge factor in our happiness, whether we admit it or not. Rejection is the final form of social rejection and until we learn how to handle it, the fear of rejection will always keep us from truly loving another person. 

I’m sure you agree that love can be the most wonderful feeling in the world. Many times, a feeling of love can make us feel like maybe we really do have a chance at happiness after all. Love can also make us feel safe in another’s arms like nothing else in this world.

Confidence is what builds a better relationship. You’re hardly going to be able to love someone with fear of rejection if you don’t even believe in yourself. I know what you’re thinking; how can I believe in myself if I’m still afraid of being rejected? The answer is simple: “Fake it until you make it.”

On the other hand, not trusting someone new would be missing out on a lot of wonderful things.

A way out of this dilemma is to find someone who has been hurt in love before and also has the same relationship standards as you do.

The more similar your relationship standards are, the more comfortable it will be to fall in love and trust again. Even if this person has been hurt before and didn’t trust anyone anymore, they have to have at least one person they trust to be able to open up to you in the first place. 

You both share something in common now – a sad experience in love again. This makes you both feel comfortable with each other without feeling fear of rejection or distrust.

How to Deal With Mental Health After a Rejection?

If you have just gone through a heartbreak or a painful break-up and have tried to avoid a relationship because of your past experiences, it’s time to move on and get back in the game. 

That said, you should know that when trying to love again the hardest thing to deal with is your feelings and emotional pain. One of the ways to take care of that is getting help from a mental health professional because you can’t get over your past until you acknowledge that and deal with it accordingly. 

When people experience a rejection, common feelings can be sadness, loneliness, anger, and self-doubt. While it is normal to experience these feelings after a rejection, it is important to take care of your mental health after a rejection from the person you love.

In the first place, people who are rejected do not feel good about themselves and they can lose hope in the future. 

What is more, they often feel that they are at fault and that they will never find love again. The negative emotions which are the outcome of romantic rejection often lead to other problematic thoughts and behaviors such as substance abuse, reckless spending or overeating.

In order to deal with your feelings and emotions after a rejection, you should try to constructively process the experience. 

You should have in mind that you cannot change what has happened in the past and even if you cannot change it, there are still things that you can do to improve your present situation.

It is not easy to deal with our emotions after a rejection. Sometimes we become angry and we are not sure how to cope with our feelings of rage. 

In addition, there are many things that we need to consider if we want to identify the roots of our emotional pain. 

But we should not be afraid of confronting our past problems and overcoming them.

There are many things you can do to take care of yourself after a break up. You could go out with friends and have a great time. You could try something new or fun like skydiving or taking an art class. 

You could try to fulfill one of your dreams or take some time for yourself.

Book an appointment and start improving your mental health to succeed in life. You need a stable life to focus on things you want to achieve. 

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