Why is love the most difficult to satisfy

Why is love the most difficult to satisfy?

Why is love the most difficult to satisfy? We are living in modern times when we have everything we want, but why can’t we find love that is satisfying? What do you think makes love more difficult to satisfy? Why is love so hard to find and even harder to sustain?

Love is the most difficult emotion to satisfy. It’s not just a question of feeling good but also about acceptance. You can be in love with someone, and if that person does not accept you, then the relationship will be a disaster. Thus, the first step towards a successful love affair is acceptance.

This understanding makes us move further and realize that if the feeling of love has to be nurtured and sustained, then it would be better if the loving couple learned to accept each other early in the relationship. Acceptance here means accepting the other person’s love language.

So many people have a problem believing that love is not difficult to satisfy. Although love sounds like an easy and sweet thing to do, it is actually more difficult to satisfy. 

I found that love can be satisfied by simple things, such as you can make your beloved person happy or satisfied by doing or saying some kind of sweet words to him/her, or the better way is that you can do some kind of romantic things for him/her. 

However, in my opinion, if you want to make your love life longer and more interesting, you should make some efforts to specify your lover’s needs, such as it can be to give him/her something that he/she wants, do something that he/she likes or spend more time together with him/her.

Why is love so difficult?

There is no easy answer to sustaining love. There is no love recipe or a manual that you can follow. 


Love is a series of emotions, which ultimately you can’t control. What makes falling in love so easy is that it’s an emotional response and not a thought process. Making decisions is always based on thoughts and on logic.

You can’t fall in love with someone just because of how they make you feel or just because of how they treat you. You can fall in love with someone if your heart tells you to, but if you keep on repeating this, the feeling will wear off, and the magic will go away.

There’s nothing wrong with loving two people at the same time. The main question is, which one do you want to commit to and which one do you want to lose? 

There are people who have been in a relationship with someone they truly loved, but they got into another relationship that is more convenient, comfortable, and stable.


True love is a treasure to be carefully sought and diligently guarded; once found, it is a gift to be treasured all our lives.

As you have seen on my blog, there are a few patterns to relationships that most people seem to follow. After years of watching them play out, many times, the same mistakes are made over and over again.

The first pattern is the attraction, infatuation, and true love stage. This stage of love is a magical time for both partners. Everything your partner does is exciting and interesting. You feel as though you have been released from a pressure cooker with this person, and all of a sudden, you are free to be who you are and to do what you want.

It’s a time of being spontaneous, putting all of your inhibitions aside, and going wherever you want to go. You are so in love that you can’t see the future because the present is so exciting!

The second pattern is the chaos and conflict stage.

How do you sustain love even when you’re at your worst?

What is the best approach to sustain love even when you are at your worst? It’s normal to be your worst self sometimes. You’re not always sunny and happy, and you’re not always going to love your partner.

Flip a coin with the love of your life to learn what you should do when you’re each feeling your worst.

If it lands on heads, you’re feeling anxious or stressed. When a partner is anxious or stressed, one thing they need the most is reassurance. Tell them how they make you feel safe by making them feel loved. 

If it lands on tails, your partner is feeling lonely or overworked. Show them they’re not alone by doing something nice for them that they can enjoy together, like watching a movie or making dinner together as a family.

You’re not at your best all the time — no couple is — but if you show each other love during difficult times, it will make your relationship stronger.

We all have some memorable moments when we’re at our worst. It’s how we handle those moments that determine whether or not we can sustain love. Right? I’m going, to be honest with you. I’m terrible at this. Okay, maybe not terrible, but definitely out of practice.

What I do know is that in every relationship that I have been in, the good ones endured my moments of “worst,” and that usually meant that they loved me enough to say something (if you know what I mean). 

I’ve said it many times before; relationships are hard work. They take time. They take effort.

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