Everyday Habits That Drain Our Energy

6 Everyday Habits That Drain Our Energy

Every day, we’re making hundreds of decisions with very little awareness about how these choices are shaping our lives. What are the everyday habits that drain our energy?

Decisions about what we eat and wear affect us physically. Decisions about where we spend time, how we spend it and the people we spend it with affect us socially and emotionally. And decisions about what we think and feel have a profound impact on our mental energy.

Our energy is the fuel that powers our life. When we run out of energy, we run out of time and opportunity to be awesome. Every choice we make is an opportunity to create positive habits that increase our energy, or to reinforce negative habits that steal our energy.

Because instead of changing our habits, we change the way we look at them. We find ways to justify our behavior and tell ourselves that it’s okay to stay in bed because we’re so tired from working all day or to eat junk food because it’s so expensive to eat healthy. 

We rationalize that staying up late won’t matter, since you can sleep when you’re dead. In this article, I will show you 6 everyday habits that drain our energy. 

1. Overthinking

Do you have an out-of-control habit of overthinking and over-analyzing things? What are the things you should never do in life here? 

Maybe it’s a habit we started when we were younger; perhaps it’s a way to cope with our feelings of isolation and boredom. 

Perhaps we like the distraction when we are feeling anxious or lonely. Or maybe we are just looking for something to fill the void. Whatever the motivation may be, there comes a time when you realize that something is not true to yourself; this is when you must change something in your life.

Overthinking drains our energy and keeps us from our dreams. Keeping us away from the happiness, fulfillment, that we all deserve.

In the past few years, I have become a big advocate of “no overthinking”, and I want to share with you: how you can adopt this mindset too.

The reason we overthink is because we try to control the uncontrollable and predict something that hasn’t happened yet. We try to predict the future and we’re never 100 percent correct.

The truth is, so much of the enjoyment of life happens unexpectedly. That’s why it’s so important to live in the moment and not overthink.

Go out and do something today and don’t overthink about it. Focus on what you’re doing and how you’re doing and not how others are thinking about you. Enjoy your life. Don’t overthink it.

2. Negativity

Why is Negativity bad? How does it drain our everyday energy? In fact, negativity can drain our everyday energy, keep us from getting things done, destroy relationships and even make us sick. 

Here are some more reasons why negativity is bad and how it can affect us: 

  • First of all, negativity can be contagious. The more we experience negative attitudes and behavior the more likely we are to start having them ourselves 
  • Negativity can lead to bad decision-making. Every decision we make has an emotional side to it, that often stems from the way we interpret the event in question. 
  • A negative attitude can hurt your relationships. People respond most positively to positive attitudes, therefore if you are a negative person you may find yourself without as many friends. 
  • Negative people often have low self-esteem because they don’t believe they can accomplish anything on their own. 
  • Some feel that everything is wrong with the world and that everyone else is the cause of the problem. Others feel that if everyone would just pull their weight then everything would fall into place. 
  • Some tend to criticize other people and judge them for their faults.

3. Worrying

The feeling of being worried drains so much energy from your body and mind. When you feel stressed and concerned, your immune system is weakened. This leads to a reduced resistance and leaves you vulnerable to several diseases.

Worrying drains your energy, and when you try to stop worrying, you use even more energy. Worrying makes you focus on the things that are beyond your control. It is an unproductive use of your time and energy.

Everything will be ok. If it is not ok, accept it and take the necessary actions to make things ok.

No need to worry! Relaxed mind leads to more positive thoughts that can make your life better. Enjoy a happy life instead of worrying about everything.

Worrying isn’t natural and it doesn’t make you more alert; it just drains your everyday energy.

You don’t have any control over what will happen in the future, so why worry?

Be comfortable in your skin and use the power of your mind to create positive thoughts. Worrying will kill you, but positive thinking will make your life easier and happier.

4. Complaining

Everyone complains, but did you know that complaining drains your energy? We often complain without realizing how it affects our everyday energy.

Common complaints are about something that has already happened in the past. Although it is difficult to turn back the clock, there is always a solution to a problem in the present.

In order to create a better future, we must take responsibility for our lives and stop complaining.

Life is full of opportunities. In order to succeed, you have to focus on the things you can control in the present moment and not focus on the past.

The things you cannot control are out of your hands. Don’t waste time going over problems again and again.

If you make mistakes, use them as lessons for the future and move on.

Gratitude helps you achieve peace of mind and opens you up to receive more blessings in life. It puts you in an energetic position of strength versus weakness; a position where you are able to receive infinite opportunities that come your way.

Complainers like to live in negativity and believe that it helps them create a bond with other people who feel the same way. But by doing so, they only manifest more negativity and avoid taking action to change their lives for the better.

A complaint is a negative attitude, voice, opinion or statement that is directed toward one or more people who are present and whom the complainer believes can do something about the problem.

The origin of the word complain is to lament or gripe, and so, by implication, to feel grievance (which includes indignation, exasperation and resentment). The word complain itself comes from the Old French word complaner, meaning “to make reproach”.

Complaining after all is a big waste of time, energy and focus. It doesn’t solve problems and often it festers small issues into large issues.

With this being said, doing things in life for love and not for money should be a priority. But one key to doing things for love is to get a better understanding of what love is in general. 

Love is not just about complaining, it is about understanding and helping others understand their difficulties so that they can overcome them.

5. Comparing

Today, we are living in a world where there is a constant comparison. One of the hardest things that many of us have to do is to live our lives without comparing it with the lives of others. 

When people start comparing their own lives with that of others, they usually find themselves unhappy and feel that they are lacking something. Most people think that this is the only way they can get ahead in life and they end up underperforming as a result of constantly comparing their abilities with that of others.

It is important to know that by doing this you are actually draining your own energy every single time. There are many people who have achieved great things in life and they did so by not comparing it with those around them. 

Successful people will tell you that there are times when you have to make the hardest decisions to make sure that you don’t lose sight of your goals because of the constant comparisons surrounding you. What are the toxic habits that destroy your success here?

In order to truly live the life you want, it is important to understand what your priorities really are and start taking action on them now. It’s easy to say that you want something, but it’s also important to understand why you want it. 

This will help train your brain to stop comparing yourself with others or worrying about whether or not you finally made it big.

6. Overly critical

We all have a few people in our life who always see the glass half empty. They’re always ready to point out what we did wrong rather than appreciate what we did right. They are quick to criticize before they take a positive look.

Leave these everyday habits that drain our energy. Start thinking for the present to make a difference in the future. You can’t go back to the past. So, stop thinking about it, however, keep in mind the lessons you learned from the past to change your future. 

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