ways to increase sales through CRM

How to Increase Sales Through CRM?

CRM is a crucial component of any sales team. It helps you to manage contacts, understand their needs, and keep up with them. But if you want your CRM system to work well, then the first step is to make sure that it’s set up correctly.

There are several ways in which you can improve the performance of your CRM system. Here are 8 ways to increase sales through CRM.

1. Refining Your Existing Contact Data

Refining your existing contact data is an important step in the CRM process. It allows you to increase sales, improve customer service and reduce costs.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, identify your top 10 most profitable customers by revenue or profit. Then refine their information. So that you can better serve them with product recommendations based on their past purchases or preferences (for example, if they were recently interested in buying a new car). This will help ensure these customers receive the right information at the right time when they’re looking for products or services that fit their needs best.

2. Comprehensive Contact Management

You need to have a central repository for company knowledge and contact details. This will help you with:

  • Managing multiple information systems, including CRM software, email accounts and phone numbers.
  • Keeping track of important information on each person’s profile—their name, title, email address and mobile number.

This can be done using an in-house or third-party CRM system. It’s also possible to manage contacts manually by creating folders for each person based on their role or function within your business (for example Sales Manager).

3. Track Customer Interactions

The best way to increase sales is by tracking customer interactions and behavior. A CRM system will allow you to track all of your customers’ interactions, including:

  • What do they do when they interact with the business?
  • What they buy, who they buy it from and how much they spend on each purchase?
  • How often the customer interacts with your brand (e.g., monthly purchases)?

4. Using Sales Pipeline Tracking to Increase Revenue

Sales pipeline tracking is one of the most important aspects of a CRM system. It helps you to know the current status of your sales process and also what’s happening with your team.

Sales pipeline tracking can be done manually or automatically, depending on how much time you want to spend on it. If you want to track all activities related to a specific customer, then a manual approach would be best for you. 

It requires constant attention from analysts who need to keep track of all incoming leads and follow-ups from those leads until they convert into actual orders or close deals with clients at different stages in their buying cycle:

  • Lead generation – When potential buyers come across one or more advertisements (like an ad on Facebook) that interests them and prompts them for further information about products/services offered by companies;
  • Warm calls – When someone calls up another business owner (or employee) within this organization asking questions about some aspect(s) related as per suggested by ads published earlier;
  • Inbound cold email campaigns – Sending emails directly from company’s website without any prior knowledge regarding needs & requirements etc.

5. Market Segmentation and Analysis

Market segmentation is the process of identifying and dividing your customers into groups based on their characteristics, needs or behaviors. 

This can be done using a variety of methods including qualitative research (such as surveys), quantitative analysis (such as statistical tests) or both.

Once you’ve segmented your market, you need to analyze the data collected in order to understand how each group behaves differently. When it comes to buying products or services from you. 

For example: If a particular group has high disposable income but low awareness of new technologies like online retailing then they may be more likely than others within this category. 

To buy something new such as an e-book reader instead of just borrowing one from their friend who has already bought one themselves; while another might choose something like music downloads instead because they don’t want anything else at all!

6. Having a Central Repository for Company Knowledge and Contact Details.

Having a central repository for company knowledge and contact details is a must. It’s one of the most important steps in your CRM strategy, and it can have a huge impact on your sales team’s productivity. 

Here are some ways to make sure you’re doing it right:

  • Make sure all information is organized in one place. This will allow employees to access company data quickly when they need it, allowing them to spend less time searching for information that’s already been stored in their inboxes (or spreadsheets).
  • Create an intuitive system for sharing files across departments or divisions within an organization—for example, if you’re working on marketing materials for different states within the same company. But you need some help getting started with each state’s local laws and regulations before sending them out as part of an outreach campaign; having this kind of shared resource available allows people from multiple departments working together. Without having someone else worry about coordinating efforts while also giving them access when needed without needing extra training or guidance beyond basic instructions like “where do I find what type of document goes where?”

7. Data Mining and Information Gathering

Data mining is the process of analyzing data for patterns and trends. It can help you discover information about your customers, such as how they interact with specific products or services. 

You might be able to identify which parts of your business are working well, which need more attention, or even what marketing campaigns are working best. 

Some examples include:

  • Market segmentation and analysis — Identify different groups based on demographics (for example, gender) or behavioral characteristics (such as age). By dividing customers into similar groups. So that you can target them better with promotions or other offers, you’re likely to increase sales without having to spend more money on advertising alone!
  • Having a central repository for company knowledge and contact details — Having all this data readily available means that no matter who needs help within an organization—whether it’s someone new joining their team or someone needing assistance after hours—they’ll have access right away instead of having wait days until someone else comes back online again.”

8. Security and Access Control

Security and access control are two of the most important aspects of a CRM system. You can set up user access levels, security policies and alerts for different roles in your business.

You can also create a role that has access to all records or only one specific record (such as a customer). This will allow you to give certain people full access while keeping others out entirely.

Why is Hubspot Ideal to Increase Sales?

HubSpot is the leading CRM software provider in the world. It has been helping businesses to increase sales through email marketing, social media marketing and webinars for more than a decade.

HubSpot enables you to connect with your customers on a personal level by providing them with a dashboard that shows all their interactions with you, including emails sent from your company, phone calls made by sales agents or leads generated from website visits. 

You can also see how many times each customer has interacted with you through different channels such as social media posts or blog articles shared on their timeline. 

This information will help you build a relationship with each customer so that when it comes time for them to buy something from your store or website then they’ll feel confident enough to do so without feeling nervous about making such an important decision alone!

If you want to boost sales then HubSpot CRM can be an ideal choice for you. It’s a one-stop solution to grow your business faster and manage customer relationships in a great manner.


There are many reasons why HubSpot is the ideal CRM solution for your business. It has all the tools needed for managing contacts, and even more advanced features like data mining and information gathering, which can help you analyze data in order to improve your sales process. 

HubSpot also provides a great user experience with its intuitive interface and powerful features like email marketing integration. Sign Up now and take the first step to boost your business and revenues.

We hope that you understood the best ways to increase sales through CRM.

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