8 Things Worth Pursuing in Life

8 Things Worth Pursuing in Life

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs. This quote didn’t come out of the blue. When Steve Jobs passed away, it set off a firestorm of media hype about his life achievements. On the outside, it looked like he was amazing at everything that he did. Do you know what are the things worth pursuing in life?

In this article, I will demonstrate 7 things worth pursuing in life. 

1. Be a Person of Integrity

There are many great qualities in life someone could aspire to have. But, if you were to ask me what quality I would want to have more than anything else, it would be integrity. Any person who does not possess integrity is likely not to be trusted by others.

There are some people who do the right thing, because it is the right thing. That is how they were raised, in an environment that values integrity. This value of integrity and core belief in doing the right thing will probably not change much as those people go through life.

Just like you, I value my time, my money, and my health. But sometimes it’s hard to keep those values in balance. When we’re working hard to be productive and become better versions of ourselves, our day can get derailed by things that are out of balance – like:

  • Not taking care of yourself (sleep deprivation)
  • Not spending time with the right people (overworking)
  • Not doing the right things (more work than progress)
  • Not being present (constantly thinking about the next thing)

Given all the potential distractions, sometimes we need a reminder to keep our focus on what’s most important. You know what matters the most… Now it’s time to show it. Let’s stay focused on why we do what we do. 

Let’s be more intentional about how we spend our days. Let’s define “productive” differently. And let’s make a difference for each other every single day.

2. Share a Warm Embrace

You don’t have to waste time feeling lonely or isolated. Relationships need nurturing and to feel connected, which is why we all need to give freely of ourselves.

There’s no point in waiting to act on your idea or intuition until it makes sense to do so. Just share a warm embrace with the person you loved. 

Why this?

  • Because it feels nice. Because we all need to be reminded that there is kindness in the world, and that we are a part of it, and that we can choose to make it a little more personal, a little more kind, and a little more warm.
  • Because it’s easy to forget when we all share so much of what doesn’t matter, but never what matters most.
  • Because you’re worth hugging, and because you’re worth not spending another moment without hugging, now go hug someone.

3. Kindness

In a world where cruelty, divisiveness and dishonesty are at an all-time high, it can be easy to forget the little things that make life worth living. But sometimes the little things have the biggest impact on those around us.

When you give a hug, smile at a stranger or just listen to someone who is feeling down, you build meaningful, positive relationships with people. These positive interactions make our world a better place, and frankly, are more fun than any social media platform.

Kindness makes life better. That’s true in our personal relationships and in the world at large. We’re all busy, but taking the time to be kind to those around us can strengthen relationships, making us healthier and happier people.

4. Falling in Love

It’s a feeling that is completely out of your control. It’s a feeling that typically leads to a change in behavior. It’s a feeling that makes you want to be with someone. Why should you fall in love? What are the key reasons to fall in love with? Let’s find out.

You should fall in love because it’s the best feeling in the world. That feeling alone is worth pursuing. Falling in love can be scary, frustrating, and rewarding all at the same time. It often leaves you feeling confused, giddy, restless and exhilarated all at the same time.

Life is full of beautiful surprises. Falling in love is one of those you can’t plan for, but still isn’t surprising. 

However, there are many reasons to fall in love. It’s one of the few things that can be more wonderful than you imagined. In fact, falling in love changes everything.

5. Start Being Grateful

In every aspect of your life you should be grateful for what you have right now. Family, friends, and everything about you. The more grateful you are for what you have the more you get to be grateful.

Being grateful makes you happy. It’s true, it does. When you are grateful you feel better about yourself, others, and the world. In that instance , when you’re more grateful for what you have the more thankful you are for everything you have the more happier you become.

That happiness is contagious too. When you’re grateful for what you have those around you feel it too. That feeling spreads like a wildfire and it makes everyone around you happier too because they feel that energy from you.

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and reflection. It’s also the perfect time to start practicing gratitude. This has become my focus in life and I think it’s worth passing on. 

Here are three reasons why you should try to be grateful:

  • Gratitude makes you happier. It sounds like a cliché but the science has shown that the expression of gratitude has significant effects on your happiness. Whether you’re practicing it with someone else or on your own, studies have shown that expressing gratitude positively correlates to higher well being, life satisfaction, positive affect, and lower negative affect.
  • Grateful people are more optimistic. Grateful people see all the good in their lives and surroundings. They feel hopeful about what they have in their lives while also expecting the best from life. This is a major reason why grateful people have better psychological outcomes than those who don’t practice gratitude regularly.
  • Gratitude makes you a better person.

6. Contribute to The World

The world is always in need of your help. Think about it – every time that you give your time, energy, or resources to a worthy cause, you are contributing to the world.

There are many ways to contribute to the world. There are many things that you can do. It doesn’t have to be something big. It can be something as simple as taking out the trash or cleaning your house or picking up trash in your community.

Whenever you contribute, you know that you are doing something good. Maybe you’re making a donation to a cause that is important to you or maybe you’re just buying a coffee from your favorite local cafe. The point is, when you contribute, you know that you are doing something good. And when you contribute to the world, it will feel better.

7. Develop Your Passion 

So when most people are asked to pick out their calling, they usually think it’s what they want to do for a living. But that’s actually the wrong place to start.

In fact, there is an endless list of things we could do with our life, but only a few of them are truly worth pursuing. And being able to identify the things worth pursuing is the most important step on the route to greatness.

For many people, that’s easier said than done. But the good news is that we’ve all had at least one thing in our lives that we used to be insanely passionate about.

One of the most common reasons why we lose sight of what we’re passionate about, is because society tells us that we need to focus on one thing.

I know very few successful people who haven’t had to make sacrifices and work hard to get to where they are. But it seems like for everyone who has ever done something great, or accomplished anything valuable, they were willing to put in the work.

8. Health

This may seem like a no-brainer, but your health is a fundamental part of your well-being. We need it to be in tip-top shape, so we can perform at our best, long into our senior years.

When you’re healthy, you have more energy and, as a result, you’re more likely to have the drive and focus to pursue your passions, which could mean traveling all over the world, getting married and starting a family. 

When you’re healthy, you’re able to enjoy life’s essential pleasures and live out your mortality potential.

If you don’t eat healthily, consume less junk food and exercise daily, then you are more likely to get ill. So why should you focus on health?

  • You will look good and feel great
  • You will feel confident knowing you can take on whatever life throws at you
  • Live longer and stay healthier for longer
  • You will be able to do more with your children
  • You will be able to be a better partner/spouse
  • You will be a better employee, worker or student
  • You will earn more money – people appreciate an employee who doesn’t need to be babied
  • You won’t miss out on opportunities and fun because of your health
  • You could have the best health possible
  • You won’t need to spend as much on prescription drugs or visiting the doctor.

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