Best Ways to Make Your Life Easier

11 Best Ways to Make Your Life Easier: Give It a Try Today

Life is super busy. You’re juggling a million different things, constantly running around to get stuff done. You have three unread emails right now, and it’s stressing you out.

Look, the world is a tough place out there. It’s no wonder you’re so busy working hard to build your business, pay your bills, pick up the kids from school, fix dinner, do the dishes, and get on a conference call.

The truth is, life is too short to worry about all of the little things—you need to get ahead of the game and start making things easier.

And in this article, I’ll tell you the 11 best ways to make your life easier. 

1. Have Less Friends

In the age of the growing number of friends on Facebook and Twitter, it has become harder and harder to maintain a close network of friends. Not to say that you can’t be happy in your life, but researchers believe that a small number of close friends is essential for healthy mental health.

Social media may make you feel better in the moment but could worsen your mental health in the long run. The constant distraction from your life and the comparison with other people’s lives online often make you wonder why your life doesn’t look as good.

Research shows that when you have fewer friends on social media, you can make your life easier. Why? Because when you have fewer friends, your day-to-day activities will be more meaningful and memorable.

2. Be Less Friendly

Yes, you read it right! Being less friendly will make your life easier. You will learn to be more efficient in your work and thus gain more free time.

The workplace is where we spend the majority of our time. So why not try to optimise your productivity? What if we told you that being less friendly at work will make your life easier?

It may seem complicated to believe at first, but it’s a fact that the more social activities you participate in, the less productive you are. Having an overabundance of friends can become a burden.

3. Stop Having External Validation

Stop having external validation to make your life easier. Few things give you a sense of well-being than doing something that takes you outside your comfort zone. I’m talking about challenges that are so incredibly hard that you want to quit. 

The ones you’re scared to fail at because if you do, it will hurt your ego. These challenges are the ones that give you self-worth. After all, if it’s easy, it’s not worth doing.

The only way to make your life easier is by taking the hard path. The challenges we all accept are the ones that make our life better. The times when we had to go above and beyond ourselves to conquer the adversity in our lives.

When people ask me for advice for starting their business, I tell them to stop having external validation and make it happen.

Nothing is holding you back but yourself, and if you feel like there is, then do something about it. Everything else will follow when you start living to improve your life.

4. Don’t Chase People

We have all been at that stage where we are chasing people for their money or chasing others for some kind of business deal. None of us likes to be in that position, and we will share how don’t chase people can help you make your life easier. 

The biggest lesson I learned from a quote by Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Airlines, is the importance of not chasing people. The quote read about how he had grown his business to one of the world’s largest. He said: “I don’t chase people; I chase businesses.” 

He went on to say that as a young business owner, he would spend endless hours focusing on chasing down leads and hounding customers for their business. 

After careful consideration and what turned out to be a lot of trial and error, he learned that spending hours on end trying to convince someone to buy from you is a waste of time.

5. Love Yourself as You Are

Loving yourself isn’t vanity; it’s sanity. Loving yourself means you’re in a healthy relationship with yourself, where you honour and respect yourself. Loving yourself will help you not only feel good about who you are but allow you to treat others around you better too!

Loving yourself means seeing yourself as beautiful. When you see beauty in others, that’s easy to spread. It’s like putting a smile on someone’s face. When you look at them, you get a smile back because they see that you love yourself, making them happy! You can’t be mean to others if you love yourself. It doesn’t exist. That’s why people often say, “haters gonna hate!”

It means recognizing that your gifts and talents are essential to this world.

6. Don’t Give a Damn About Everything Around You

Don’t give a damn about everything around you to make your life easier? I’ll be honest; it’s a little scary to post something like this and be public about my life. But I’m going to do it anyway.

Putting up with life sucks! Seriously, the whole thing sucks. There is no support from the government, no support from friends or even family, and you will spend your real life chasing a dream that only a few will achieve. You will spend most of your life working for someone else just so that you can pay off bills and buy food to stay alive.

Killing yourself over a job that you hate is stupid; it’s pointless. So I don’t get why everyone just sits back, takes it, and expects the same thing to happen tomorrow. Like we don’t have a choice but to go on suffering while getting up early every morning and spending our time doing something that anyone can do.

7. Shut Your Mouth Maximum

Shutting your mouth maximum, or in other words, staying on topic is a way to make your life easier. But what is closing your mouth maximum?

From now on, whenever the topic of a conversation changes and you feel like you’re getting distracted or are just not interested anymore, you can just SHUT YOUR MOUTH MAXIMUM and then go back to what you were doing.

  • You are in a meeting, and if you open your mouth, people will think you are half-witted. There is nothing more useless than stupid people.
  • You are in the middle of something important and have no time to talk nonsense with people.
  • You are preparing for something essential, and talking will make you lose focus.
  • There is someone in front of you who is annoying, and it’s better to ignore him than kill yourself because of him (I am not saying that it will come to this).

Acknowledging that you are no longer interested in the new topic will allow both parties involved in the conversation to quickly return to what they were doing.

8. Stop Overthinking

There is no time for overthinking, for you and me! Stop overthinking to make your life easier. We have so many problems in our life. Why did we need to overthink every one of them? Does it help? Of course not! 

  • Let’s try to solve every problem as simply as possible.
  • Let’s use our creative thinking and find how to make our life simpler, more accessible and full of joy!

It’s about time we took a break from overthinking and reminded ourselves that “good enough” is good enough. We should stop overthinking everything from our outfits to our social media posts.

The inspiration for this came from the familiar feeling of almost obsessing about things that don’t matter in the long run. What we wear every day, what we say every day, and how we feel are all choices that add to our lives. 

I’m not trying to advocate limiting your choices or never changing your mind. I am supporting a temporary release from overthinking so we can all make better choices along the way.

9. Find Happiness in Small Things

“You can’t always get what you want” is the famous quote from The Rolling Stones’ song, but maybe, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find happiness in small things in life.

Finding happiness in small things can lead you to simple pleasures that make your life simpler. Here are some of them:

  • Take it easy with a smooth jazz playlist. Relaxing music has a calming impact that can help you to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Go on a picnic instead of eating out. It’s an opportunity to enjoy beautiful weather and the serenity of nature. And the best part is that it won’t cost a fortune.
  • Get rid of annoying things around the house with a pair of scissors and an emery board. The noise from your garbage disposal, the squeaks from your door hinges and the annoying leaks from your kitchen sink can be fixed in less than 10 minutes.
  • Listen to an audiobook as you fall asleep. When you’re tired, it’s easy to fall asleep with some help from one of the many books available on Audible or iTunes.

10. Live Life Slowly and Calmly

If you are not good at planning, making schedules, and keeping track of what you want to do, you will love our product. Live life slowly and calmly to make your life easier. You can plan and manage your schedule by adding what you want to do for the day, week or month. You will have time for breaks and fun. 

Start by learning how to reduce stress and anxiety. Find out what helps when you’re feeling annoyed or angry. Learn how to stop feeling guilty. Find out how to deal with problems and make wise decisions. Find out more about how to manage your time and learn how to make the best of it. Learning about these things will help you feel calmer, more relaxed, and more in control.

11. Stop Taking Revenge

Everyone wants to live a peaceful and happy life after the results of the annual “pollution” – the rise of domestic disputes and finally culminating in a tragic end. How should we change our attitude to reduce domestic disputes, or even better, eliminate them?

If you compare revenge and happiness, what is the difference between them? Revenge is a sword that hurts yourself; happiness is a flower that makes you beautiful. Revenge is a long letter about how you were wronged; happiness is a short text showing your love to people. Revenge is messy and cruel, while happiness is light and graceful.

Many people said they began to take revenge because they felt powerless. The greater the burden, the more they hated their lives.

There is no need to change your habits of appeasing others and letting others win, but you can choose to walk away with peace. Stop taking revenge really can make your life easier. Giving up will not affect the life of the other party at all.

So why do I say this? Everyone should have a priceless and essential object in their lives.


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