Hardest Truths You Have to Accept to Make You Stronger

12 Hardest Truths You Have to Accept to Make You Stronger

The hardest truths are necessary to live a happy and productive life, but accepting them can be difficult. The most brutal truths in life are often about what we can’t control. We can’t control what others say about us or how they treat us. We can’t control whether or not we get a raise for a job well done. 

We can’t the words of others . . . but the only thing we can control is ourselves. Accepting the most brutal truths in life will free us from our imperfections and self-doubt and allow us to move forward with confidence and peace.

In this article, I have listed the 10 hardest truths you have to accept to make yourself stronger. 

1. People Don’t Care About You.

People don’t care about you. They pretend they care because they don’t know what else to do. The same is true with your company. From their perspective, they see a thing: a logo, some text, maybe a video. 

They don’t know who you are or what you do. They only have a few seconds to decide whether it’s worth their time, and like everyone else, time is the one thing we can’t get more of on demand.

That’s why it’s essential to show them why they should care about you and your company. Why should they invest valuable time in discovering what you do and who you are? If it’s not immediately apparent, then it’s not immediately obvious.

Just like when someone holds the door open for you, you cannot help but feel a connection with that person. But they were just trying to go through the door before you. They probably don’t even know your name.

I am not saying you should start being an asshole to everyone. That would be weird and pretty much impossible to do nowadays. You don’t know anyone’s name, either. But you should stop engaging in conversation at the grocery store and on the train with every stranger you see just because they smile at you.

2. Nobody Knows You. 

Another hardest truth you have to accept to make yourself stronger is nobody knows you better than yourself. As a result, you’re your most prominent critic, were perfectionists, and we expect too much from ourselves.

If somebody else tells us, we can do better. Usually, we don’t listen. If we do, we beat ourselves up for not being better earlier.

Your identity is the only thing no one can take away from you. Your identity is your own. The idea is that you are living your life on your terms, not anyone else’s. And wearing a pair of jeans that fits comfortably and looks good is a part of your identity.

Do not let anyone tell you what they think you like, and don’t be afraid to share the things that matter most to you. Because when you wear jeans that fit, you feel good about yourself; it’s all part of your identity. 

3. You Are Either Predator or Prey.

You are a predator or prey. If many people are flocking around you, you are either. You are a lonely predator or new prey if few people flock around you.

If you feel like most people care about what you do, support you, or love what you do, then don’t worry. You will be fine. It’s just the rest of the world who thinks you should worry that’s causing you to worry.

4. You’re Just Afraid of Taking Risks.

I have a problem. I’m afraid of losing, and being afraid to lose; I’m so scared of winning. So being scared, I stopped dreaming. 

Because dreaming, in my opinion, it’s putting your eggs in more than one basket. And what if that basket breaks? Damn, you broke all of your eggs.

So I have a problem; I’m not really good at anything. And when you’re not good at anything, you want to be good at everything. 

So I’m trying to do a bunch of shit, and nothing feels right. But the thing is, there’s no best thing; you are just afraid of taking risks.

5. Your Mother Knows You More Than You Know Yourself.

Why does only your mother know you more than you know yourself? Her perspective on you is an important reminder to live life with less free time to do anything you want. 

How can you make life simpler and organized? Just because other people have never even understood, there’s no need to justify what she already knows. 

Life is too short and complicated; why spend time on useless work? She doesn’t expect you to change the world; she wants to see you happy.

6. Life Often Misleads 

Life misleads you into thinking you’re someone that you’re not. You’re leading a life you’re not supposed to be leading.

Life misleads you into thinking the life you want is too big or unrealistic. Life misleads you into believing your problems are too big or too much for anyone to handle. 

It misleads you into believing you can’t accomplish the impossible because it seems unbelievable. It misleads you into thinking your dreams are evil, selfish, and a waste of time. 

But why do we do this? We often compare ourselves to each other and get caught up in what everyone else is doing. We begin to question our hopes and dreams. We begin to belittle what we want versus what everyone else is doing. 

And before we know it, we’ve fallen in line with everyone else’s ideas of who we should be and how we should live our lives.

One day you’ll get to a certain age and realize that it hasn’t turned out as you had imagined it. You’ll wonder, “What am I doing? Where am I going? How did I get here?”

7. Love is Not Solely Emotion. 

Love is not only an emotion. It is a universal religion that catches you unaware. It just happens without any reason at all.

It’s what we do with those we love that matters, and it’s those moments when we think beyond ourselves that we discover love not only exists but is a way of life.

Why is love not only an emotion? When deeply in love with someone, the feeling is often described as an emotion. It makes you feel so good and so bad at the same time. It throws you into a roller coaster of emotions, but at the same time, it feeds your soul. 

This is what I believe love is, but it isn’t only a feeling. It’s a way of being, a way of seeing, a way of understanding. Love is what gives meaning to life’s experiences.

Love is not just being with the one you love. Love is being with the person you love, no matter where they are or who you are with. And that’s all there is to it.

Love is when you can be yourself around someone so ultimately that it feels like you don’t have to pretend to be anyone else.

Love is saying, “This one’s for you,” meaning it. Love is waking up in the morning next to the person you love and touching their hair or looking at their face and thinking, “I’m lucky.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a person, a pet or something you are in love with. Love can be equally strong for anything that brings joy in your life.

8. Never, Ever Waste Your Time on Someone Who Has Nothing to Offer.

If you are my friend and you want to be friends. I will be happy to know someone like you, but why do you try to act as a friend if you are not my friend? If you think I have something worth your attention, then I am glad you think so, but if you think so simply because you see me around and know what I do, that’s a massive waste of your time. Never waste your time on someone who has nothing to offer.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If a so-called friend tries to hook up with you and they don’t even know what they can hook up with you with, they don’t even know your strengths or weaknesses and have not even bothered to get to know your name first; they should try that with anyone else out there who might fall for their crap.

There is no reason for a person who does not know what they can hook up with other people to try it with them. And if they do not seem to realize that this is as pathetic as pathetic can get.

I do not care whether a person becomes successful or not; I care about how they conduct themselves in their attempt to succeed.

9. To Grow, Spend More Time With People.

If you want to grow, spend more time with people who leave you emotionally overwhelmed, mentally challenged, and physically energetic.

This is good advice from Richard Branson, who has built two billion-dollar global brands based on the simple idea that if you treat people fairly, long-term success will follow.

If you want to grow, spend more time with people who leave you wondering. If you’re going to grow, spend more time with people who make you say, “I can’t believe I never thought of that.”

If you want to grow, spend more time with people who see things differently from how you do.

Key things to learn to grow: 

  • Learn to have strong personal values and discover your purpose.
  • Learn to be calm so that you can be trusted with responsibilities.
  • Learn to be humble and, at the same time, have integrity.
  • Learn to be happy alone and even more comfortable with others.
  • Learn to control your emotions, so they don’t control you.
  • Learn to love yourself and treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Learn to listen more and talk less, especially about others’ business.
  • Learn to watch your mouth; you’ll catch many flies with honey.
  • Learn to believe that you can grow, and you will.

10. Ask quality questions.

When you ask a question, you are using your brain, but when you answer to another’s question, you are just repeating what you learned in the past.

Quality questions are crucial to an individual as they help you understand things better. The quality of the answers you receive to a question also depends on that question’s quality. 

The importance of asking quality questions is more important in today’s world since the internet has enabled ideas to spread quickly. Knowledge has become a commodity, and acquiring knowledge from quality sources is imperative. Learn how to ask quality questions, and you will change your life.

It’s not enough to just know how to ask quality questions. However, you must learn how to pose them in a manner that allows you to get quality answers. Not all questions are created equal, and not all answers apply to your life.

11. Great Things Don’t Happen Without a Fight and Some Great Force. 

Like most essential things in life, achieving great things requires hard work and struggle. If you don’t believe this statement or don’t know about the history behind it, then you might not be much of a fighting person.

Fighting is hard. The action takes mental toughness. The battle takes an ability to push through obstacles. Some people go their whole life without achieving greatness because they are too scared to follow their dreams.

You have to work hard and sweat to get where you want to be down the line. You’ll realize that working hard is fun through all the hard work. That’s why we can still do it in our sleep.

There’s something beautiful about the feeling you get when you get up every day; you know that you will be exhausted at the end of your day, but you still push yourself harder. And that’s why we like to call ourselves WORKAHOLICS!

There’s something beautiful about being able to go through battles with friends, loved ones and even enemies. Because those battles make you stronger and more sure of who you are and what you believe in.

Being a workaholic isn’t easy. It takes its toll on your body and mind, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

12. Pain is the Greatest Source of Strength

Pain is the most significant source of strength. Why is pain the greatest source of power? Pain is the most important source of strength. When you understand this, it becomes a gift. It’s a blessing like air to a diver and water to a swimmer. 

Living freely and fully despite the pain means that pain has become your friend. As your friend, pain guides you and protects you. 

Physical pain can be a warning sign to protect you from danger and disease. Chronic pain can be a gift that helps you realize your purpose and season. The common assumption is that healthy people are happy people. Not so! 

Many healthy people are not happy, and many unhealthy people are delighted. You see, happiness and health are states of mind that result from living in alignment with purpose and passion.

It’s easy to look at what’s going wrong in your life or business and get caught up in the drama. 

We’re constantly faced with big and small tests that can quickly get the best of us. When challenges arise, as they inevitably will, it’s easy to start blaming our circumstances, other people, or even ourselves. 

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