Best Marketing Automation Software to Return ROI Faster

Best Marketing Automation Software to Return ROI Faster

What is marketing automation? Do you need the best marketing automation software to return ROI faster? How marketing automation will help you to grow your business faster? 

Marketing automation is the use of software and technology to program repetitive email, ad, and social media messages to the individual needs of a prospect or client. It is a system that allows you to centrally manage all of your digital marketing in one place.

  • Marketing automation drives a 173% higher open rate for newsletters and sales mailings (SALES Manago, 2020).

Instead of using the same repetitive tasks over and over again, marketing automation allows you to automate your digital marketing.

It is about increasing efficiency and targeting potential customers for your business. It is an important tool for marketing teams that are seeking to reach more people with their existing budgets.

Marketing automation tools were introduced in the late 1990s, but it wasn’t until 2012 when marketing automation reached its first peak in usage. 

Since 2012, there has been a 61% increase in interest in marketing automation. With these tools becoming more popular, there is now an ability for online marketers to make their own personalized interactions.

It helps businesses by making the execution of routine tasks easier. For example, a marketer can create a campaign in the system, which will then automatically be sent out to prospects who meet certain criteria. 

Once the recipients have received their email, they can reply with any questions they have, and the system will automatically follow up based on whatever answers they gave (or not, if they did not respond).

Why is Marketing Automation Better?

Today there are many software as a service (SaaS) solutions that claim to be marketing automation tools. But, the question is: why is marketing automation better?

  • 31% of marketing professionals said they will be purchasing a marketing automation solution in the year ahead (Ascend2 and Research Partners, 2022).

Using a marketing automation tool is the most effective way to reach prospects regardless if it’s through email, SMS, or social. An Email Marketing Automation tool will segment your leads and contacts into targeted lists, allowing you to nurture them through relevant messaging over time.

Let’s consider the three best reasons first.

1 . Time to Pay Off

Marketing automation provides exceptional ROI with a shortened payback period.

In fact most companies pay off their investment as early as day 30. 

And that means your company gets to reap the rewards of marketing automation sooner rather than later. But it’s not just about getting paid back – marketing automation offers so much more value than that.

2 . Relationship Building

Prospects don’t need to be bombarded with lead generation tactics, they need to be nurtured with relevant content and messaging over time to ensure they stay engaged. That’s what marketing automation can do for your company.

3. Customized Communication

The days of email blasts are over – if you’re sending blanket emails to all of your contacts, you’re only targeting a small percentage of your audience. 

And if these emails aren’t personalized to each contact, then you likely won’t be getting very high click rates or conversions. 

It allows you to send highly personalized messages and content based on each contact’s behavior and preferences. 

What is the Difference Between Crm and Marketing Automation?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It can be used to manage all of the interactions your business has with their customers, from phone calls to emails, social media and more. 

Marketing automation is a much more specific function, designed to tie all of your marketing efforts together into one place and handle repetitive tasks, such as sending marketing emails or distributing content via social media. 

This can make marketing teams more efficient and allow them to focus on ways to expand business.

How Does Marketing Automation Benefit a Business Overall?

“Marketing automation” is a very broad term; there are several ways to execute on the concept. But no matter how you do it, marketing automation should be focused on delivering actual business value. While there are many tools out there that purport to offer marketing automation, they really don’t.

1. Lead Generation: How do you capture leads? Marketing automation can help streamline your process and generate leads that might not have come through your door.

2. Lead Nurturing: What happens when that lead becomes a customer? Marketing automation is excellent for nurturing your leads after they have become customers to improve their experience and make them happy about the service or product they just purchased.

3. Customer Retention: The moment the customer has purchased a product or service from you, do you have a service in place to help them use what they just bought? Marketing automation can help track and nurture leads to make sure they continue to use your product and refer others to it as well.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation is a tool that allows a business’s emails to be sent out in an automated fashion. It is a tool that can assist in the creation of a sustainable email marketing campaign. With this tool, you can set up rules and triggers that allow you to determine when and how your email should be delivered.

  • Expanding email automation is a priority for 59% of marketers (Litmus, 2021).

You know the power of email marketing and its role in driving sales and establishing stronger customer relationships. The problem is that most businesses use email to send out a mass blast of poorly written emails every day with no regard for their customers’ needs.

How Do I Select the Best Marketing Automation Software for My Business?

For small businesses, selecting the best marketing automation software can be a tedious task. On paper, all software appears to offer the same benefits but small differences in user experience and various options for small businesses to grow their customer base.

Software tools are essential for the success of your business, but finding the right one for your needs can be a challenge.

Before you start your research, it’s important to be clear about what you want to achieve. Do you want to improve lead generation and sales? Or better manage your social media marketing?

Automation software is designed to help you manage multiple marketing tasks from a single dashboard; saving time, resources and headaches.

It’s worth remembering you’re probably not looking for a single solution that does everything. Think about how much time you spend on different activities like tracking leads and engaging customers – automation software is designed to help you with these jobs without having to invest in an expensive team of freelancers or in-house experts.

Marketing automation software, for example, HubSpot, is a tool that allows you to manage multiple marketing channels, such as email, social media, and advertising, in one place. 

These tools offer an array of marketing automation functionality including lead management, nurture campaigns, landing pages, analytics and reporting.

Key Reasons to Choose Hubspot Marketing Automation

#1. Get Up and Running Fast

HubSpot marketing makes it easy to get up and running in hours, not months. No expensive analysts or consultants required; you can launch a website and integrate your first sales process on your own, saving you thousands of dollars.

#2. Scale Your Business as You Grow

You’re no longer limited by the constraints of a traditional marketing team, but can grow your entire sales stack as your business grows — ultimately making you more money

#3. Save Time

Watch time-management transform before your eyes with HubSpot project management, task management, and automated marketing processes. Automate all of your marketing tasks in minutes. 

#4. Free Up Resources

HubSpot frees up time for internal salespeople to focus on what they do best: selling. Leverage the full power of HubSpot marketing to transform your sales team into a high-performing machine that will increase your ROI and grow your business faster than ever before.

HubSpot email workflows are designed to increase your company’s sales efficiency and productivity, making it easy for you to stay organized and meet important deadlines at every step of the customer journey (from leads to customers).

What Comes With HubSpot Latest Version of Marketing Hub?

They are so pleased to share the latest version of our Marketing Hub. Some of the most pleasing enhancements, to me, include a new layout for your data insights Drip campaigns, social media scheduling, and real-time analytics for every touchpoint that matters.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new. I hope you enjoy this latest update to the Marketing Hub!

  • Dashboard has a new look with enhanced real-time data insights
  • Drip Campaigns have a fresh new layout and now support social media pages
  • The Analytics page has been redesigned and now includes touchpoints from all your marketing channels
  • Creating visual content is easier than ever across all your social media channels

Additional features such as Google Analytics for Firebase integration, landscape workflows for iPad users, and access to multiple YouTube accounts are just a few of the small enhancements you’ll notice as you explore your new dashboard. 

I hope that these updates help you grow your business and reach more customers online.

Why is HubSpot the Best Marketing Automation?

HubSpot’s marketing automation software is powered by a database that stores your company’s contacts and leads. 

The database provides actionable insights on the visitors to your site, those who download your guides and whitepapers, and even the people who don’t engage with you at all. 

As a result of these insights, you’ll be able to take immediate actions based on their profile – like sending a warm intro email to your leads.

They’ve gathered data from thousands of customers across 110 countries to identify the 7 most common mistakes companies make when they’re getting started with marketing automation;

Mistake #1: Not leveraging automated emails for lead nurturing.

Mistake #2: Not segmenting lead lists for better targeting.

The first mistake we see is that many marketers overlook how vital automated emails can be to nurture leads and give them every chance at becoming a customer for life. 

While it’s essential to have a great inbound marketing strategy that attracts leads to your blog or website, it’s only part of the puzzle. 

Marketers must also ensure that their nurturing efforts are top-notch, so that all their hard work doesn’t go to waste. And automated emails are an incredibly powerful tool to do this.

Get started with HubSpot Marketing Hub and take your marketing strategy to the next level and boost your sales. 

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