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15 Bitter Truths of Life You Might Have Faced

What are the bitter truths of life one should know? In our entire life journey, we all go through a series of bitterness. What are the things that turn your life into bitterness? 

In this article, let’s explore 15 bitter truths of life. 

1. Physical Beauty is Valued.

We are constantly told how beautiful we are. How pretty our eyes are, how lovely our hair is, how perfect our skin is.

We notice the fantastic bodies we see every day on Instagram and Facebook. We believe we must be skinny and beautiful to be loved, appreciated and accepted.

But what if I told you it’s all a big lie?

We’re beautiful, sure. There is no denying that. But I have also noticed a lot of people who have been treated like shit by society, their peers in school or work, and their families.

The list goes on and on. The effects of this are alarming!

Peer pressure has led to girls starving themselves to fit in. To fit the ideal of attractive and worthy of love and acceptance.

The effects of this “beauty culture” are becoming more apparent, with cases of eating disorders and depression rising at an alarming rate. The pressure of being perfect has led to a lack of confidence in some people and putting down others in others’ eyes.

It’s a bitter truth that our self-worth comes from being physically beautiful.

If you’re fat, then you will be made fun of. If you’re skinny, your life is easy; if you’re ugly, you will be ignored and misunderstood.

To exemplify this idea, the private photo vault app Locket recently released an infographic that illustrates how much money is spent per year on society’s obsession with physical beauty. 

For example, in the U.S. alone, it is estimated that over $20 billion is spent on diet products, with more than $80 billion on cosmetics products.

According to the author of the book, The Beauty Myth, Naomi Wolf, “billions of dollars are spent every year to convince women that if they exploit their sexuality through cosmetics and fashion, they will lead happier lives.

2. Fake People Are Loved More.

The bitter truth of life is that fake people are loved more, fake news is the most trending, fake characters are the most sold and real-life issues that affect many people are usually ignored.

Fake people in society pretend to be someone they’re not so they can be accepted; these people will say anything to win an argument.

In the world today, fake news is the most trending because it is attractive to hear things that would be beneficial for them only; meanwhile, accurate news about real issues affecting many people around the world, such as environmental problems or poverty, are rarely heard by a large group of people to be considered as trending.

Fake people want to portray themselves as something they are not. And we are not even talking about how people desire to look better than others; we’re talking about them being more fake than ever. 

I’m sure you’ve met someone at least once in your life. A person who wants to be liked by everyone, who wants everyone to be their friend, who praises you even if you don’t deserve it and still wants you on board even if you have a different opinion than theirs or you don’t like the same things as they do. 

This is a significant issue affecting our society because we need to hear about real issues to fight for a better life.

3. Partiality is Core in Every Place.

To have partiality towards a person or thing is to prefer one thing over another. It means giving a little extra special treatment. The term is commonly used in the context of politics, where partiality is thought to be a bad thing.

Partiality means focusing on one side of an argument while ignoring another. This could cause an entire situation to be viewed distorted by neglecting one of the main perspectives.

In society, partiality shows favouritism or bias toward one group, individual, or idea over another. When this bias is openly acknowledged and accepted (as opposed to subtle), it is called patronage. 

The opposite of partiality is neutrality. For example, if a system is not partial, it is unbiased or equitable.

4. Very Few Friends Are Happy With Your Success.

The bitter truth of life is that very few friends are happy with your success; most are just envious; it’s human nature. 

Friendship is a strange thing. Some people you hang out with for friendship, some for a common interest and some just because they’re there. 

We can all agree that friendships change over time, especially as we grow older and move in different directions. We share similar interests but end up growing to have very different ambitions.

When it comes to friendship, go into it eyes wide open. Not everyone will appreciate your success and want to be your friend no matter how hard you try to be theirs. 

When you get that feeling of “they don’t like me anymore” or “he’s not my friend anymore”, remember this one thing: Just because they’re not happy with your success doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person.

5. Not All Relationships Will Lead to Marriage; Some Will Help You Discover New Restaurants. 

You meet a girl or boy you like. You’re not sure if she’s wife/husband material, but you’re going to try to get to know her and see where it goes. You meet his/her friends and family; you get along well enough. You two go out on a couple of dates, and it seems like it could be something more.

Actually, no. Because having different experiences is fantastic. So the solution isn’t to force yourself to go to the restaurant your friend is going to; it’s to find a new restaurant in the first place.

6. Most Present Relationships Have No Future.

There is no doubt that most present relationships have no future. A few may grow into friendships, but most of them will not. Out of the few that will become friends, three or four might stand the test of time and grow into one of the most fantastic friendships on earth.

The relationships that begin with a sparking end with a whimper. Love does not conquer all. The prospect of long-term commitment makes people squeamish.

Besides, we all know somebody who said: “I can’t believe how our relationship turned out”, or “Why didn’t my husband tell me about his affair?”.

The main reason for a relationship breakup is that people do not want to hear the truth about themselves and others.

Unfortunately, it does not work the other way around. You enter a dead end if you don’t tell the truth about your feelings and thoughts. 

And it is not only about marriage and love relationships. We tend to say what we think others want to hear. We pretend to be happy when we are not. We fake being a good friend when we are not.

So, when we cannot express our feelings and thoughts, we cannot expect anyone to do that for us. That’s why relationships are doomed if both parties will stay silent on their true feelings and thoughts.

To build a strong relationship, we need to know how to say things that may hurt someone’s feelings for a good cause – for a better understanding between two people. But to take this step, we need more courage than most of us have.

You cannot build a great relationship with someone unless you speak your mind honestly and openly and let people know who you are and what you feel deep down in your heart. 

This is the only way to grow stronger as individuals and as a couple. That’s why most present relationships have no future…

7. Some Things Will Not Work Out. That’s Just the Flow of Things. 

“If you don’t put yourself out there, nothing will ever happen. You have to be willing to face rejection and failure.” – Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Warby Parker.

The bitter truth of life is that some things in life just won’t work out. From crushes to job opportunities, we must be willing to take risks to get the things we want, and sometimes it just won’t be in the cards for us. 

If this seems harsh, think about it this way: If you don’t put yourself out there, nothing will ever happen. You have to be willing to face rejection and failure.

The world is built on a foundation of rejection and failure. Throughout history, the most outstanding achievements took many failures and rejections before they were realised. And in today’s world, nothing stands still. 

Things are changing faster than ever before. We are in a new era of entrepreneurship where we don’t have to wait for someone else to permit us to start doing what we want. We can take risks, fail, learn from our mistakes, and try again.

8. Everyone Has Feelings Which Are Hard to Hide but Challenging to Express.

The sense of beautiful things can’t be described with words but can be expressed only with a stupid feeling and a single picture by all means. However, feelings can be a source of strength when we learn how to use them appropriately. 

Your feelings will be shared with the people who matter most to you. Even if they are not next to you, they will be able to feel how you are doing at that moment.

9. Marriages Are Not Always Happy.

On the wedding day, every bride is always a princess, and every groom is always Prince Charming. At least, that’s what we’re led to believe. Will you marry me? She says with eyes gleaming, and you say: Yes! Because why would you say no? This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, right?

But marriage is not always happy. Because love alone cannot make a marriage. Love is easy; love is not enough. Love does not know each other’s daily habits. Love is not accepting each other’s flaws. Love is not forgiving each other’s sins, and love is not learning to work every day in your marriage. 

Love is waking up next to the person you love after years and years and still being in love with them.

This is the most bitter truth of life:

  1. Marriage comes with no guarantee.
  2. Not every marriage is happy.
  3. People change, circumstances change and sometimes, we must make tough decisions that hurt our spouses and families.
  4. No matter how much love you have for your spouse, you cannot always make them happy. You shouldn’t even try to do that.
  5. You cannot save a person from themselves if they do not see what they are doing wrong in their lives.
  6. Don’t stop loving someone because they ask you to stop loving them. They need to ask you this. They need a reality check that you are married and in love with them because their love for themselves stops them from moving on. Be patient and present love for them, but if they remain in denial, don’t be afraid to leave them when you need to.

10.  If You Are Intelligent, Life Becomes Stressful: You Cannot Ignore Anything.

From the moment you are born, it is as if everything is happening on a surface, and you are expected to encounter them all.

Society makes you feel like being a genius is terrible because they don’t want anyone to question anything they do. And if anyone questions them, they show you the worst side of their character.

If you are just an average man, life is elementary. All happiness is created by ignorance. If you have no talent and have to live in this world and compete with others, the most important thing is finding a place to relax.

Full of wisdom, people have no chance to live well and peacefully. They must be dull and stupid. They need to hide in a crowd as much as possible to survive. There are no rules which tell you how to live right.

We know there is no absolute truth; we can only use our best judgement to find what we believe is the truth. 

There is no way to think about a wise man who does not have an excellent brain to those who are foolish. And since we are now aware of everything around us smartly, we have to pay the price: pain.

So the standard procedure in society is this:

1.) You must be intelligent to know what’s happening.

2.) You have to be aware of what’s going on.

3.) You have to be strong enough to keep yourself from getting affected.

4.) You must be calm and logical enough to handle every situation correctly.

5.) You are dangerous if you are strong, emotional, and intelligent.

Society will hate you for being different from them.

If you have at least one more quality from being emotionally stronger than society, they will take it as your weakness and try to bring the best out of your worst side over and over again until you either die or become like them.

11. All Relatives Don’t Think of Your Goodwill.

All relatives don’t think of your goodwill, and some feel jealous of your good. They have no choice but to look down on you from a distance and plan the next time to deceive you.

The world is cold and cruel; I’ve been hurt and bullied since I was young. I didn’t want to let others get close to me, and I was reluctant to show my heartlessness and coldness.

But I won’t be afraid of being hurt again because it’s the life that taught me this, and there is nothing I can’t do if I keep walking.

See, if you are lucky, your family members will not be jealous of your prosperity one day. They may even be grateful to you and our grandparents, as we cherish their hard-earned wealth with their offspring. 

One day, their children will have the opportunity to make an honest living by inheriting their parents’ wealth.

12. What You Think Matters. What Others Think Doesn’t Matter

In society, the things that are a big deal to you are not a matter to some people. What should we do? Shall we just be resigned to this fact, or shall we just simply live like they are? 

Some of us try to fight with those not interested in what is a big deal to us, some of us become timid and keep silent, and some try to make ourselves like what they like. So we can belong to society.

For example, getting into Harvard University matters for you but not for some people. 

If you desperately need money, it matters for you but not for some people. If you want to get married to a friendly and beautiful girl, it is a matter for you but not for some people. 

If you want to own a house in the best district, it matters for you but not for some people. If you want to participate in the Olympic Games, it matters for you but not for some people.

13. We Waste Most of Our Time on Jealousy.

In society, we waste most of our time in jealousy – because thoughts are free, and we feel free to express them. By comparing ourselves with others, we can’t accept the reality of not being equal. The bitter facts about life.

We always know how other people are, how they want to be in their life and the things they do. But it is not always like that…

We want to compete with each other; we look for words that will hurt the other person – to make us feel better about ourselves. This social behaviour has been with us since the beginning of time, and it won’t change.

14. Make Sure You’re Not the Only One Who Values the Connection.

A loser will tell any lie to keep you around and make him/herself feel relevant when in reality, he/she is just full of shit. Don’t let him/her drag you down. Be your best self, don’t wait for that person to come around.

15. It’s Not Selfish to Make Your Happiness Your Main Priority.

Being happy is the ultimate luxury. That’s why I feel fortunate to be able to do what I love and make it my main priority. I’m a writer and blogger, a “professional chronicler of life,” if you will.

The key to my happiness is that I surround myself with those who bring out the best in me, who are encouraging and supportive without being condescending.

I’m constantly inspired by the many different people I meet daily, from strangers in Dhaka City to friends online and followers on Facebook.

In life, it’s not selfish to make your happiness your main priority.

  • Life is about loving yourself. Not about making others happy.
  • Life is about taking care of yourself. Not about making others happy.
  • Life is about being selfish!

If there are relationships that caused you turmoil in the past year or caused you pain in any way, that’s something you need to let go of to move forward in the most positive direction possible. Do you have any bitter truths of life? Comment below. 

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