Is HubSpot Worth It?

Is HubSpot Worth It?

Is HubSpot worth it? If you’re an agency owner and are considering HubSpot, I would say it’s definitely worth the cost. However, in my opinion, one of the best things about HubSpot is the Community. 

There are thousands of people in there with the same problems and questions you have (even if they don’t want to admit it). 

Chances are if you have a question, someone has already asked it before and you can save a lot of time searching for solutions.

HubSpot is robust. They have a ton of functionality. The UI and theming on their product are top-notch. The functionality they provide is also very good. What they do well is they manage a ton of data for you. 

They collect your content and store it for you. This can be huge if you’re managing a large volume of content. 

You don’t have to worry about logging in to blog platforms or Google Analytics to figure out how people are finding your website or where you’re getting leads from or how many people are reading your blog posts.

How HubSpot Can Help You Grow Your Agency?

HubSpot is something we consult with a lot of our agency clients and today we are pleased to have the opportunity to find out more about HubSpot. 

I guess the first question everyone asks when they come across a platform like HubSpot is often around the CRM because it is a sales enablement platform.

Now let’s take a look at the key points of how HubSpot can help you to grow your agency business. 

Lead generation — HubSpot is the leading inbound marketing and sales platform. An integrated suite of software helps businesses attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. More than 80,000 companies—including Dropbox, Twitter, and Cisco—use HubSpot’s tools to attract visitors from search engines, convert leads into customers, and close deals faster.

Customer engagement — HubSpot CRM is a powerful customer relationship management system that helps you generate more leads and increase customer engagement. The all-in-one solution for sales teams allows users to track leads, schedule meetings, manage contacts, and follow up with prospects—all in one place. And you can even send personalized emails that look like they came straight from your team.

Centralized contact centre — Coordinate contacts across multiple channels in one place. Agents can use the HubSpot portal to manage tasks, activities and insights on a real-time basis.

Website tracking — Measure every lead, view site activity and generate reports on your company website performance.

Inbound marketing integration — Connect HubSpot with your CRM, Marketing Automation Platform and eCommerce platform like BigCommerce to track marketing effectiveness through one central dashboard.

A complete package — HubSpot CRM comes packaged with their other product offerings like Sales, Marketing, Social and Website so users don’t have to download or pay for any additional software or services to get started.

Why HubSpot CRM?

A successful customer relationship management (CRM) system can be the secret ingredient to growing a company. But that’s not always the case.

In addition to building comprehensive, integrated CRM software that helps sales teams do their jobs better, HubSpot offers complete marketing software that helps marketers generate leads and increase customer engagement.

HubSpot Sales and marketing CRM software is used by over 20,000 companies in over 90 countries. In this HubSpot review, we’ll go through the key benefits of HubSpot CRM.

  • At its core, HubSpot’s marketing software is focused on three main areas: marketing automation, content creation and management, and lead management.
  • Its powerful software enables marketers to create campaigns across multiple channels and devices, measure their success through reporting and analytics, and automate campaigns to save time and effort.
  • As an alternative to traditional marketing tools like email autoresponders and mass-messaging services, HubSpot’s marketing software gives companies the ability to publish unique, high-quality content to a variety of different readers tailored to their specific interests.

This capability allows companies to improve customer engagement by combining business goals with the customer’s interests. Through this, companies can develop loyal customers who are more likely to act on their message.

With HubSpot CRM, it’s easy to get started – and grow. There are no long-term contracts or setup fees. Just sign up and start using it right away.

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