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How to Get Happy: 7 Traits of Happy People

Nowadays we live in a society where stress and anxiety have become increasingly common. We worry too much about the future, or regret what happened in the past. But, unhappy people are not better off, in fact, often the opposite is true. There are numerous studies that show how happiness is the key to success in all areas of life.

There is no doubt that happiness is the most important part of life. Happiness keeps us active and joyful. We must do all we can to increase our happiness and decrease our stress.

Happiness does not cost a thing, but it does require work. It requires you to change your behavior and your habits. But the reward is worth it. You will feel less stress, more joy, more confidence, and more happiness.

Nothing can bring you happiness if you are not willing to make an effort to be happy. It takes you to change yourself, it takes effort just like anything else in life.

This article will brief you 7 traits of happy people that you can follow to bring happiness in your life. 

1. Don’t Show Off

We all want to be happy people and being happy is the dream of everyone. You will not find happy people (happy in life) showing off, bragging about their success, or flaunting their stuff.

People who are happy in life and people who appreciate what they have and don’t compare themselves with others don’t boast about their accomplishments or possessions. People who are greedy and always talk about what they have are unhappy in life.

A happy person knows the importance of being kind and gentle. They are aware that they can’t always have what they want. They know to have a good life means to have a good heart, that’s why they help others out when they need it.

A person that has many things but never appreciates them is a person that doesn’t know how to be happy in life.

Happy people are confident, but they don’t mean to be arrogant, they understand that nothing comes easy and they want to learn from everyone , and that’s why they say “I’m listening”

People who are happy in life know that money can only buy happiness to a certain extent, so they don’t focus on money, they focus on other things that bring happiness and joy to their lives.

2. Talk Less

Even though some people consider talking more as a personality trait of happy people, a study from Harvard University says that people who are talkative are actually likely to feel unhappy.

So, why talking less makes people happier? The study conducted by the scientists of the Harvard Business School and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania highlights three reasons why talkative people are actually unhappy: 

First, when you talk more, your life is not as organized as you might like it to be. Since you have so much to share with others, you tend to multitask and fail at doing things efficiently. This can make you feel stressed.

Second, we tend to spend a lot of time talking about our personal lives with others. However, most of us don’t really like to listen to others’ personal stories in return. This means that we are always giving but not getting anything in return.

Third, if you talk more, you have less time to hear what others have to say.

3. Lean Daily 

Happy people learn new things every day. That’s a very good habit to have, because when you’re learning, you’re growing. You’re thinking and you’re looking for things that will help us in your life. 

It’s so easy to let life pass by without doing that, without getting better, without achieving the things that you want to achieve. You must be constantly learning and growing if you want to improve your own life or if you want to help other people improve their lives.

By committing to learn new things every day as a habit, you’re creating an opportunity for yourself to make new things happen in your life. You’re moving forward. You’re improving yourself and you’re improving your relationships with others. 

Learning new things every day will help you make meaningful connections with anyone you meet because they will feel that they can trust you more and they are more likely to share more with you because they feel they can trust you more.

4. Help Others

As it turns out, research shows that helping others isn’t just a nice thing to do. It’s very literally good for you.

Helping others has been shown to activate our brain’s reward center, giving us a boost of happiness and energy. It’s part of what makes life worthwhile.

Helping others makes you happier than anything else. It’s been studied, talked about, and always comes back as the same result. 

According to Harvard research, 90% of our happiness is determined by our own actions and decisions. In a study by Princeton, individuals who volunteered over a six-month period were happier and less depressed at the end of the six months than those who didn’t volunteer.

Even when we help others for selfish reasons—like making friends, showing off, or getting something in return—the positive effects still hold true. We become happier, more optimistic, and more confident in our ability to find success in work and love.

5. Laugh More 

Laughter can be caused by something either funny or witty saying, a personal experience, or even something ridiculous such as falling over.

Happy people laugh more. They laugh in both positive and negative situations. While others might feel anxious, fearful or worried, they’re able to stay calm and find humor. 

Researchers have a few theories about why this might be, including that happy people are more likely to notice things around them and feel optimistic about their lives and how they’re going.

In a recent study from the University of Warwick, researchers found that happy people laugh more. They also found that the subjects who spent time laughing (as opposed to just smiling) felt better.

So whether it’s getting together with friends at happy hour, going to a comedy club, or watching Andy Samberg in a wig on YouTube, there are many ways to increase laughter in your life.

By becoming a happier person, you increase your chances of being successful in life and business because you have more to smile about! If you need help finding the ability to just laugh more often or want more ways to find happiness in your life. 

6. Ignore Bullshit 

One of the most important traits of happy people is that they ignore bullshit. They don’t let their minds be overfilled with fear-mongering, rigmarole and other bullshit. Happy people create their own world around them, one in which they’re free to do what they want.

The Independent reports statistics from the World Health Organization that says stress is the number one reason for unhappiness and depression (to deal with depression and anxiety you might get some help from this article: 7 Effective Ways to Cope With Anxiety and Depression). The study found that more than half of all workers suffer from job-related stress and said that around 20% of workers had left jobs because they could not cope with the stress.

I believe that we should ignore bullshit because when we can identify bullshit, we have the opportunity and freedom to create our own reality, to do what we want instead of spending time worrying about things that don’t matter.

It doesn’t matter what the haters say. Just go after your goals, don’t let other people prevent you from achieving your dreams and ignore the noise that keeps you from being happy.

7. Live Longer 

Happy people live longer, are healthier, and are generally more successful. A happy person is a healthier person. The secret to happiness is very simple. It lies in how you deal with setbacks—whether you see them as setbacks or as opportunities to learn and grow.

Describing an event as a setback rather than an opportunity tends to lead to unhealthy responses: stress, anxiety, helplessness, low self-esteem—all of which are associated with unhealthy behaviors. If you are depressed and stressed badly then you might get some help from Online-Therapy at home ( they deal with all types of mental illness).

When people have a setback, it’s important that they see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. This way they can remain positive and bounce back quickly—adopting healthier habits and attitudes.

So don’t worry if your boss yells at you, or if you fail a test. If you let it get the best of you, you will only make the situation worse.

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