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Is NVIDIA Cheapest GPU Cloud?

Are you looking for the cheapest GPU cloud? Do you need a high-quality and powerful GPU server that comes with all mainstream features you need? 

Graphics card cloud hosting is becoming more and more popular. This type of hosting is geared specifically for 3D rendering and for those who need their graphics cards working to the hilt 24/7. 

Dedicated server providers do not always include graphics cards in the package, making it very difficult to run certain applications. Cloud servers are becoming an extremely popular solution that many companies are offering their clients these days.

Over time, designing and developing software has become an important part of our daily lives. It concerns all spheres of our life, it’s great that we are able to automate many processes and make our lives easier with it. 

But if we want to use the best software in the world right now, we should use the latest technologies which need powerful graphic processing units. 

CPU cannot provide stable performance for such apps. That is why it’s so important to have a high-quality GPU host service.

What is GPU Cloud Hosting?

GPU (Graphics Processing Units) cloud hosting is the most suitable choice for online gaming servers, VPS hosting, and high load web applications like build tools, CDN, and some cryptocurrency mining websites. It is considered to be the most flexible solution for technical needs.

The hosting with GPU is offered as a high-performance, highly-scalable web service. This cloud service has minimal latency due to its state of the art data centers and low network costs.

GPU hosting for web applications should be used for projects that require a lot of CPU cores and RAM, but have high bandwidth requirements.

GPU hosting allows businesses and companies to maintain a competitive edge as they can use it to make high-performing applications or online games.

Using an enterprise-class server infrastructure with industrial-grade components are built to support the complex infrastructure required by modern websites and applications.

All of this allows for lowering the costs for maintenance and administration of your business’ IT.

Most people are familiar with the term CPU hosting when they think about cloud hosting. But what is GPU cloud hosting? A lot of people don’t know that GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) refers to a graphical processing unit, which is a specialized computing processor that is used for 3D rendering, computer vision and more.

When comparing GPU cloud hosting to CPU cloud hosting, a lot of people are surprised to hear how powerful GPUs are.

During our research, we discovered that this is the perfect solution for websites that are heavy on graphics or need to run complex server-side applications that require a lot of processing power.

For example, if you have a website that recommends new user-generated videos every day or runs an online game every night, you’ll need extreme amounts of power to run this. 

GPUs can handle all of these demands with ease and utilize much less energy in the process.

GPUs have been used in technology for years now, but have largely been associated with the gaming industry.

Key Benefits of GPU Hosting 

When it comes to running an application or service you want to load as quickly as possible, one of the factors that can affect such is the resources you use.

As the name suggests, when you use a GPU hosting solution to power your application, you are making use of the massively parallel processing abilities that a graphics processing unit can offer. 

This means that using GPU hosting allows you to add more and faster CPUs to the processing power you have available.

Building support for cloud computing has been a challenging goal for many server providers. With the Cloud, users have embraced the benefits of rapid scalability, ease of use and management, and low cost. 

Yet there is one thing holding companies back from making the switch: Data security. When sensitive data is stored online, it is vulnerable to outside attack and manipulation. GPU cloud hosting offers a solution to this problem.

Why Do You Need GPU Cloud?

Most people who want to get started with deep learning, but don’t have all the resources and time to work with GPU. GPU Cloud is a new service that helps anyone to get started with deep learning. 

Key Advantages of GPU Cloud:

  • It is a great way of both boosting and improving the speed of your backups, while also adding some redundancy to ensure that your data can always be retained.
  • The GPU Cloud Hosting provides an all-in-one platform for data, visualization and analytics. With accelerated computing, cloud offers a leading solution for the deployment of HPC workloads and deep learning applications.
  • GPU Cloud Hosting offers the ability to create a secure environment where sensitive data can be stored and accessed remotely, but never compromised through internet activity.
  • The GPU Cloud Hosting system uses high-end Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to provide the security and encryption needed to keep your data safe, while making it accessible on demand.
  • GPU cloud computing also has additional benefits. Since each virtual machine is powered by a GPU, it increases the performance of each cloud node, which can improve overall system performance. As more nodes are added to the network, more information can be processed and stored, making this a perfect solution for businesses who require custom or large amounts of storage.

Key Features of NVIDIA GPU Cloud

NVIDIA GPU cloud allows enterprises and startups to easily run AI computations on their GPU servers, which in turn help these companies to quickly build, test, and deploy their applications. 

This, in turn, helps them to significantly reduce development cost, thus making AI accessible for a larger audience.

At the heart of every GeForce is a powerful NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture-based GPU. This means you get full access to hardware-accelerated graphics and compute technologies, including DirectX 12 and NVIDIA GameWorks™ technologies.

  • You will have dedicated graphics settings that can leverage the unprecedented performance potential of GeForce GTX graphics cards, opening the door for enhancements such as 4K gaming and HDR support.
  • GeForce GTX delivers over 100% faster performance than the previous generation in VR Ready games, so you can enjoy immersive, next-generation experiences today.
  • It’s responsible for processing, displaying and rendering images and video, and it can also accelerate machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in applications.
  • The power of the GPU has recently caught the attention of modern data centers. Cloud computing—the ability to store, manipulate and share data from any connected device—requires an incredible amount of computing power and flexibility to process this information.
  • It provides enterprise, government, research and academic organizations with flexible, scalable and easy-to-use infrastructure for accelerated computing on GPUs.
  • It enables multiple forms of accelerated computing from big data processing to high-performance computing (HPC). The GPU cloud delivers the performance needed to quickly process vast amounts of data for today’s enterprises.

NVIDIA Vs. AMD: Which is the Best Cloud GPU for Deep Learning? 

Have you ever been concerned that using a cloud provider, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure, will hamper your ability to do deep learning work?

In recent times, there has been a lot of discussion on whether NVIDIA or AMD is the best gpu for deep learning. There are several factors to consider such as the architecture, CUDA toolkit and the GPU. 

Because NVIDIA GPUs run CUDA as well as other packages, including CUDNN and Tensorflow, it is clearly the best choice. The architecture used determines how quickly the graphics process works and therefore how many operations per second it can carry out.

 Although AMD comes with a single GPU architecture known as GCN which stands for Graphics Core Next, it is not sufficient enough to handle the demand of deep learning.

I think so, as far as cloud GPU providers go, NVIDIA is the most advanced and mature. We’ve been working with them for years now, and they support a variety of deep learning frameworks including TensorFlow (which is what we’re using).


GPU Cloud leverages the latest NVIDIA GPU Cloud technologies to provide GPU-accelerated services in an easy and cost-effective manner. 

NVIDIA GPU Cloud is a suite of cloud services that gives developers access to the most powerful GPU software in the world. 

Developers can start by selecting from a set of pre-packaged solutions, available on demand, or they can use the easy-to-use CUDA/CUDNN Workload API to select from a wide variety of accelerated applications, functions, and models. 

One simple API lets developers run their applications anywhere, from a desktop PC to DGX-1.

In addition to supplying the broadest and deepest library of GPU-accelerated applications available today, NVIDIA provides reference architecture designs for all major deep learning frameworks and offers flexible deployment options to help enterprises meet their specific application needs.

Notebooks and other Python-based tools allow users to build models, visualize them, and experiment. 

These tools also enable users to share workflows via code. The GPU Cloud notebook integration connects researchers with datasets stored on the cloud.

The Smart Sync feature automatically detects datasets in the cloud that match the project’s requirements, such as the number of instances needed, the amount of memory, etc. This enables faster experiments by reducing the loading time of large datasets.

TensorBoard is a visualization tool for monitoring, visualizing and debugging TensorFlow models. 

The tool provides detailed information about a dataflow graph, including tensor shape and size, execution latency, and more. 

Researchers can use TensorBoard to find where potential bottlenecks exist in their models.

If you want to get the cheapest GPU cloud with the maximum performance and key features then it can be said that you’ll not get the best alternative than NVIDIA GPU Cloud

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