Difference Between Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting

Key Difference: Cloud Hosting Vs Web Hosting

What is the difference between cloud hosting and web hosting? Is there any real difference? There are some basic differences between cloud hosting and web hosting. Both services offer a way to store files and offer website hosting. 

Users can store files of all kinds here. Web hosting offers a way to host your website. Both services allow you to build your site from the ground up with tools that enable you to edit your website using HTML and CSS directly within the dashboard.

In this article, let’s explore the key difference between cloud hosting and web hosting. 

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is an alternative to traditional hosting. It is excellent for sites receiving heavy traffic and wanting complete control over their data.

Cloud hosting is different from web hosting because you can access your files via the internet without downloading them. You can access them through an FTP client or simply by browsing the designated file location.

Key Benefits of Cloud Hosting 

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that is done through the internet in the cloud. This allows the site owner to control their site’s performance more than a traditional hosting service. 

They can choose the location of their site, which services they want to use and how they want them set up. This makes it easier for a website owner to manage their site and any updates that need to be made.

Here are some key benefits of cloud hosting: 

  • Cloud hosting is available 24/7, giving you access to your files and data anytime or at night. If a particular file is experiencing heavy traffic, you can quickly scale your services to handle more users by adding more cloud hosting power.
  • It uses a cloud computing platform to store and process data rather than a centralised server.
  • It allows businesses to spend less time on technical issues and more on their business.
  • Cloud servers are run by remote servers that provide hosting services. This setup allows you to access data, storage and applications stored on the cloud, wherever you are. Provided you have internet access; you can log on and access all your information quickly. This gives you more accessibility and mobility to your business data.
  • Cloud servers allow you to manage your tech resources. However, you still have the security of having a more extensive system. You typically don’t need to store excess data because the cloud has space for everything available on the server. This makes it easier for SMB software companies to host their site or web apps.
  • It also can enjoy lower overhead costs and much better reliability when using the cloud. While these benefits may seem like small pieces of what a business would want, it’s something that adds up to the success of their business in the long run.

What is Web Hosting? 

Web hosting is a service that lets you publish and share your website online with other people.

Your website will “live” on a computer somewhere on the Internet. This computer is a web server and can be located anywhere in the world. When visitors want to see the pages of your website, the web server will send them those pages along with any images, videos, or other files stored on the server.

A hosting service is a content delivery network that offers storage space and bandwidth to your website. Think of it like a garage for your business. You can do anything you want, but at the end of the day, you’re just renting their stuff.

You might need a hosting service if you plan to have an online shop, blog or web presence. According to the history of the internet, hosting was born around the same time as the internet itself because it was required to serve content.

Key Benefits of Web Hosting 

If you plan to create an e-commerce site, web hosting is essential because it is where all the information about your business will be stored. If you plan to make money from your website by selling products or taking donations, you need to look for web hosting options that offer shopping cart tools and other payment processing options.

Here are some key benefits of web hosting:

  • Web hosting refers to virtual space to store online content like web pages, photos, software, etc. Standard web hosting services include shared cloud and dedicated server hosting.
  • Web hosting can be done by sharing physical space on a single machine with other clients (known as shared hosting) or less costly virtual space on a single device (known as virtual private server hosting).
  • Web hosting is a core service that is powerful enough to have an entire industry built around it. It has many benefits, but the primary one is cost.
  • Web hosting is essentially renting space on a server online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A web hosting service will allow you to easily publish your website with just a few clicks of your mouse, and you can also add social media apps like Twitter or Facebook, which will increase your site’s exposure. You don’t have to be a computer programmer to start with web hosting, and several services even offer free web host accounts if your site doesn’t require too much storage space.

What Makes Kinsta the Best Cloud Hosting?

Why Kinsta cloud hosting service? Kinsta is a developer-first hosting company that focuses on speed and performance. They offer WP-engine-like performance at a fraction of the cost. They have some of the biggest names in the WordPress community as clients, and they’re rapidly growing. 

Kinsta has many vital features that make it one of the best hosting services out there, and they are as follows:

Unlimited websites – Kinsta cloud hosting is complete and allows you to host many websites and domains on your account.

Full page caching –  It comes with Akamai full page caching, which makes the websites hosted load faster and rank higher in Google.

Snapshot backups – It comes with daily snapshot backups that automatically get saved to Google drive and can be restored quickly in case of a system failure.

Complete server control – This cloud hosting offers full server control to its clients, which means that clients can install any software at any time without the host being able to take any action.

Kinsta dashboard – It provides a dashboard for monitoring websites and domains.

Cloud framework – It provides a cloud framework service that allows developers to use popular frameworks on their servers, such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal etc.

Support –  Delivers 24/7 help to its clients via chat, email and a knowledge base.

These are just some of the many outstanding features of a Kinsta cloud hosting account. You can explore more here or try out their free service before upgrading to the paid version.

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