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What Is Kinsta? A Clear Breakdown of Kinsta Premium WordPress Hosting

What is Kinsta? It is a hosting provider for WordPress and PHP. What does that mean? It means Kinsta is the fastest WordPress hosting in the world. So what is Kinsta web hosting?

Kinsta is a premium web host designed to run WordPress websites at extreme speeds. We can ensure your WordPress website runs at the fastest speed possible by using customized server settings and optimized WordPress caching with our cloud servers.

In fact, Kinsta has increased the performance of its managed WordPress hosting platform by as much as 30x through its proprietary technology and dedicated server configurations. Kinsta is also one of the most cost-effective solutions, with plans starting at just $35/month.

What Do You Mean by Kinsta WordPress Hosting?

Kinsta Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting service that simplifies and optimizes the WordPress hosting experience for its clients. They offer users a unique experience in terms of hosting speed, reliability, and support. Kinsta Hosting includes everything users need for their WordPress site.

Because of such features as the ability to skip queues, real-time chat support, and 24/7 monitoring, Kinsta Hosting has been hailed by industry leaders as “the Rolls-Royce of WordPress hosting.”

Unlike other services that charge per website or limit bandwidth, bandwidth and more, Kinsta Hosting offers unlimited everything.

Their focus on performance allows them to host sites at over 120% of the recommended PHP memory limit. By vastly increasing the memory limit, we keep sites running fast even during traffic spikes and periods of heavy CPU usage. 

WordPress users can finally enjoy all the benefits of a modern PHP environment without having to worry about slow response times or downtime.

Why Is Kinsta Becoming So Popular With WordPress Hosting? 

With more and more websites moving over to HTTPS and Google ranking HTTPS websites higher in search results, the need for quality web hosting for your WordPress site is becoming more critical.

And with its low cost, easy setup, powerful performance, and SEO-friendly features that Kinsta offers, it can become the perfect choice for your new WordPress site. 

Kinsta also uses Google Cloud Platform for its infrastructure, reducing website loading times. Their data centres on the West Coast of the US are often able to serve your website content faster than most other hosting providers can even dream of doing.

Is It the Best WordPress Hosting?

They use Google’s popular Nginx web server, which is incredibly fast and stable. They have developed a distinct way of managing Apache and PHP-FPM, which means they can easily handle traffic spikes. 

They have extensive DDoS protection in place, which means your website is always up. They monitor all resources 24/7/365 with multiple layers of backups. They will beat any competitor on price and features.

They constantly improve and test their servers to make sure they are operating at maximum performance. They have Google Cloud Platform available, which means you will get the speed of Google’s infrastructure.

Besides, they have a very different hosting philosophy than other companies. They are truly independent and can only recommend what they feel is best for their customers.

With Kinsta, you can get access to WordPress hosting that’s fast and secure, with 24/7 customer support. 

Hosting features include:

  • A blazing fast platform up to 100x faster than WordPress.org managed to host
  • Free automatic WordPress updates
  • Free daily backups and restores

Is The Web Hosting Reliable?

Is Kinsta reliable? If you are considering Kinsta as your web hosting provider, you may want to know a few things. They aim to be transparent in everything they do. So, let’s start with what the WordPress company has to say…

The WordPress company is an advocate of choice in hosting, saying, “We don’t recommend or endorse any specific hosting provider.”, “You should choose the best option for your specific needs.” and “Finding the right host is essential to the success of your site.”

The key thing in this quote is ‘specific needs.

So, let’s look at what the experts say about choosing the best web host for your project.

Kinsta is a hosted WordPress solution that automatically scales with your traffic, can handle high load spikes with ease, and is built for the highest levels of performance and security. 

Kinsta was built for the busiest sites in the world, so if you are running a highly trafficked site, then Kinsta is probably the best Web hosting for you.

Plus, they have been in business since 2013. They’ve seen the rise of VPS systems and cloud hosting. Their engineers have years of experience building enterprise-grade hosting architecture. 

This is why they are confident in their ability to provide 99.99% uptime. They strive to exceed these expectations every day. Your website, customers, and business rely on you being available. 

They want to give you the peace of mind that your website will always be up and running when someone wants to check out your store or read your content. 

All of their plans include a 30-minute response time guarantee. They never oversell their hardware, and their data centres are built for resiliency to ensure that even if a hardware failure occurs, they can get you up and running as quickly as possible. So, it can be said that Kinsta is one of the best and most reliable WordPress hosting you can go for today. 

Cloudways or Kinsta: Which Is The Best? 

There are so many web hosts out there that it can be hard to decide which one to go for.

If you are looking for just a simple but professional-looking website, you don’t need anything complicated, and some free web hosting platforms would be more than enough.

However, a premium or managed web hosting service will deliver just that if you are a serious business owner or an experienced webmaster and want a way better experience with all the advanced cloud hosting features and options.

For example, Cloudways or Kinsta? Cloudways is a cloud hosting service that provides you with an ultra-fast server and a one-click WordPress installation. It supports WooCommerce, Google Cloud, WordPress Multisite, and SiteLock security. 

It also has some cool features, such as our CloudwaysBot that you can install on Slack to provide your teams with all the server information.

What is your experience with Kinsta web hosting? On the other hand, I’ve been using Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting for the past few months, and I am impressed by their performance and reliability. Their servers are faster, and I don’t notice any downtime. 

Their managed WordPress hosting platform allows me to manage my WordPress websites easily and quickly. From my experience, I prefer Kinsta. It is the faster and more reliable WordPress web hosting I have ever experienced. 

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What Is Kinsta Premium WordPress Hosting?

Kinsta is special. They believe that hosting can be handled differently. They believe in bulletproof infrastructure and support that is second-to-none. They believe your site should load fast, no matter where it’s accessed. They believe in serving you, their customer, instead of reselling you to advertisers. They believe in making it easy for you to do what you do best: run your business.

Kinsta offers a fully managed, cloud-based hosting solution that is specifically designed for WordPress. Their platform consists of WordPress-optimized servers, Varnish caching and deployment options and an intelligent CDN. They manage all aspects of the deployment, including server infrastructure, OS patching, WordPress core updates and the security of your website. 

In other words, they manage the entire WordPress stack for you, from the hosting infrastructure to the server software to the PHP runtime to the MySQL database server. 

They’ll even help protect your WordPress site from DDoS attacks for free. Take a look at Kinsta’s premium WordPress hosting.

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