Why to Convert Shopify Store to Mobile App? 

Why to Convert Shopify Store to Mobile App? 

Do you want to Increase ROI by conversions and sales? Get more leads and conversions by converting your Shopify store into a native mobile app. Sounds curious!!

Shopify stores are great, but did you know that you can convert them into native mobile apps? With more people shopping on their mobile devices, it’s important to have a presence there. 

Increasingly, customers want to shop at their convenience. Whether they are browsing in the backyard, on the bus ride home or winding down on the couch at night, they expect to have the opportunity to make purchases with their fingertips.

In this era of online shopping explosion, consumer shopping behavior drastically changes. According to The Forbes study, over 90% of shoppers are using mobile devices to find product information and more than 40% of shoppers will abandon the cart if they have to fill in too much form.

Convert Shopify Store Into a Mobile App With Shoutem 

Building a mobile app for your Shopify store has a lot of benefits. It gives more flexibility to your beautifully crafted website and helps you to deliver unforgettable experiences to your customers. 

But it may not be so easy if you’re not that tech-savvy. Good news is – Shoutem will help you to overcome this challenge!

You can easily convert a Shopify store into a mobile app in less than a minute. Let’s take a look at the key reasons why you should do that. 

1. Uplift Shopping Experience

The power of mobile apps lies in the fact that they allow customers to have a better experience on their devices. The advantage over the web is that the app allows the user to stay within their app and gives them more control over their experience. 

More than 50% of the time spent on mobile devices is dedicated to a single app and only 4% spent on multiple apps. The average consumer has about 26 different mobile apps. They use each app for only six months on average before moving on to the next. 

A necessity for success is to keep updating the functionality of your app to keep up with competition and market trends. And if you are a small business, creating a mobile app exposes your brand to a wider audience than you could ever imagine.

Mobile apps are essential to building a successful business by improving customer service, boosting your sales and bringing in new customers.

A mobile app offers up-to-date information on your products and services, which makes it easier for potential customers to make an informed decision on whether or not they’ll buy from you. Statistics show that sales have increased 17% after having an app. 

A well designed mobile app will keep customers coming back time and time again because they find your brand trustworthy and reliable, which makes them want to do business with you again in the future.

“If you’re not on mobile, then you’re not really in business.

2. Marketing & Sale Channel

Technology is important today. It has accelerated the speed of business and commerce. Because of technology, ecommerce has emerged as a lucrative business. E-Commerce helps businesses to increase their reach. It also provides them with a mechanism to understand the customers’ preferences and habits.

In a world where the consumer has more power than ever before, it’s vital for businesses to be where their customers are. Many businesses have turned to mobile apps as the premier marketing and sales channel. 

However, despite the increased emphasis on Mobile app development, many brands are still struggling to utilize this platform to its full potential.

Even so, there are many challenges before businesses, especially new ones that are venturing into e-commerce for the first time. Regardless of their size, all businesses face the same challenges: attracting customers, growing sales, and keeping those customers coming back for more.

To succeed in ecommerce, a few things are important according to the experts: relevant content, top-notch design, features that are easy to use, database growth and effective marketing strategies. 

These are all possible with an ecommerce mobile app development platform.

Not only does a mobile app help you create and deliver a great shopping experience for your customers but it also brings other benefits. 

A mobile app creates a better user experience and it enhances your brand awareness. You can reach a wider audience because most smartphone users have apps installed on their devices.

3. Analyze User Behavior

Mobile apps or applications are the most important thing to get in today’s world. The number of people using the internet is increasing day by day and they are mostly connected through the internet.

Many app users want to see more conversions and user activity in their apps. A data-based app analytics platform that helps you understand where your most valuable users come from, what is bringing them to your app, and how to make it better.

When people land on your site and click a button, but don’t convert, you will want to understand why they left your page. Is your button too small? 

Is that image not clear enough? Were they distracted by something else on your page? Maybe it was something you didn’t even consider. In this case, a mobile app can be a great solution for your business. 

Why to Convert Shopify Store to Mobile App?

There are many benefits of converting your Shopify store to a mobile application, including: – Increased sales – Lower shopping cart abandonment rate – Better customer experience – Increased brand awareness – Improved customer service

With a mobile application, your customers are more likely to convert. Let’s take a look at the key reasons why to convert the Shopify store to mobile app. 

1. Manage Your Orders and Products on the Go

A web app that gives you the power to manage your orders and products at any time and place.

The idea behind the app is simple. You can manage your shipments, payments, and products anytime and anywhere. 

You can even access your products list, which is another handy feature. It lets you update product information, change pricing at any time, and so on. And if you have multiple shops or stores, you can consolidate all of the data in one place.

The app displays the same information that’s shown on the website. In addition to a simple, intuitive interface, it also provides a full-screen view for smartphone users. 

  • View your order and shipment status for all your orders, including tracking information.
  • Turn your points into a gift card or cash in the point redemption feature.
  • Connect easily with our 24/7 support using live chat and email features.
  • Receive exclusive deals and news by signing up for a newsletter.

2. Keep Track of Your Inventory More Effective

If you’re a retailer, whether on the high street or online, then you’re probably aware of how much time and money is wasted on keeping track of your inventory. 

As a retailer, it can be difficult to predict how many of your customers will purchase an item and how much profit margin you’ll make from those sales. 

Having a mobile app which can help you keep track of your stock can be the answer to many of these problems, reducing errors and saving time.

3. Stay Connected to Your Customers via Direct Communication

Direct communication with your customers should be a top priority for businesses at any size. This includes everything from addressing concerns or offering feedback to your customers, to providing a direct line of communication for their loyalty programs, sales or special events.

4. Keep an Eye on User Behavior

I personally advise eCommerce Store owners to convert their store pages into mobile apps.

It is found that many eCommerce store owners find it hard to monitor and manage their customer behavior in the mobile world because of limited functionalities that are generally provided by the Shopify Store. 

Inserting the functionality of mobile apps into the Shopify store pages will enhance the user experience and the owner can easily keep a check on their user activity.

5. Create a Special Loyalty Program for App Users

You want to create a loyalty program, or think of a way to reward your customers and drive more traffic? Turning your Shopify store into an app with the help of Shoutem! 

With a Shopify mobile app, you can create a special loyalty program for app users – in just a few clicks. Your users can use their mobile device to receive and redeem the rewards in-store.

When a customer downloads the app, they are prompted to connect with your Shopify store. They enter their email address and you send an email containing a link to your Shopify store.

Once the customer has added their preferred rewards cards, you can now start giving points for purchases made in-store. The app will generate reports on the members of your loyalty program and the rewards they’ve earned.

So that’s it! You can now give your customers extra incentive to come back to your store again and again.

Why Shoutem No-coding Mobile App Development Platform?

No-coding mobile app development platform – Shoutem, a fast-growing company, is revolutionizing the world of eCommerce by making it easy to create and run your discount code campaign. With Shoutem, you can create your own Shopify app in less than a minute.

Shoutem makes it easy to develop an app by yourself. You don’t need any coding skills to develop an app for your Shopify store. It’s a no-coding DIY app building platform. 

Just drag and drop the pre-built templates and create your own Shopify app to deliver superior customer service. Increase sales and return massive ROI.

Enjoy 14 days free trial and boost your ecommerce stores sales. 

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