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10 Popular Traditional South African Food Near Me

What is African food near me? Are you looking for the most popular African foods list? If you love to taste different food across the world, then the African food culture will meet your satisfaction. Hey, have you tried any traditional South African food so far? If you already tested foods that originated in Africa, this article will thrill you to find some new West African food that you may haven’t tried yet.

Every origin has some own cooking style and tradition. When it comes to traditional food around the world, there is no chance to skip Africa. It’s a giant continent and their food habits, and the traditional meal is quite interesting as well as mouthwatering.

If you are a food lover like me, then the African food recipes will droll you surely. Here, I am going to mention some of the best traditional South African food near me. So, keep reading the article and explore the foods that originated in Africa. 

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1. Afang soup

If you are looking for the list of African dishes in Nigeria, then the Afang can be a great food that you can taste first. You may have tested different types of soup around the world, but the Afang soup taste is quite different, then you will realize the first sip of it.

Best african food near me Afang soup

African food culture is renowned around the world. Afang is actually a traditional soup hailing from the southeastern areas of Nigeria. It’s made with a variety of afang leaves, water leaves, dried fish, meat, onions, reddish, ground crayfish, and seasoning cubes. The Afang leaves are ground or pounded along with the red onion are sliced before the meat is boiled with the onions and seasoning cubes in a small amount of water.

The dried fish is included with all the palm oils, ground pepper, Afang leaves, and water leaves when finished. As soon as the simply leaves become sensitive, and the liquid evaporates a little, the soup is simmered for a short while before it’s willing to be dished up. Afang soup is generally served up at festive situations, for example, wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

If you’re exploring the African food near me, then don’t forget to taste this tasty soup nearby any African restaurant.

2. Maafe

Let’s introduce another food that originated in Africa. Maafe is a traditional stew, also called a sauce or soups, is enjoyed through the entire Western side and Central Africa, but it is believed it came from among the Bambara people in Mali. It appears in various local variations, but each edition is made with roasted peanuts, which are terrain into flour and make the meal’s fundamental sauce.

Best african food near me Maafe

Their list of additional ingredients is comprehensive, plus it typically involves tomato mixture, seafood or meats, generally meat, lamb, goat, or poultry, a variety of fresh vegetables, and numerous seasonings like ginger herb, turmeric, coriander, or sugar-cinnamon.

The different versions often differ in feel and regularity, whilst the part meals are regionally motivated and might consist of everything from rice to couscous, fufu, or sweet potatoes.

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If you love African food recipes, I strongly believe that you’ll find Maafe another delicious African food near you.

3. Malva pudding

Do you feel incomplete if you do not find any dessert after eating a heavy meal? Well, then the Malva pudding is a great option for you.

Malva pudding: african food recipes

Malva pudding is another traditional South African dessert comprising a pudding foundation protected inside a foamy, sweet sauce made out of the water, cream, vanilla, butter, and sweets. The pudding is usually made out of butter, sugars, eggs, apricot jam, dairy, flour, and salt.

The dessert is usually served warm, preferably with ice cream, whipped lotion, or vanilla custard in the side. It is actually considered that the meal is named malva pudding right after the Afrikaans word Malva, that means marshmallow, referring to the commonalities between marshmallows along with the pudding’s feel

Even though some point out that the name is produced after the reality that the pudding used to have Malvasia wine.

4. Jollof rice

Jollof rice is another tasty food from a list of African dishes in Nigeria. At this moment, if you are in Nigeria or any African restaurant, then its time to try the Jollof rice.

 Jollof rice: list of african dishes in nigeria

Jollof rice is food and loved all over the West African sub-region. Even so, a strong rivalry is present among Nigerians, Senegalese and Ghanaians concerning who helps to make the plate finest, together with the second option laying state they owning the most delightful assortment.

At its most basic develop, Jollof is actually a cooking pot of rice equipped with tomato sauce and offered with meats or fish. Chicken can be another frequent complement to Jollof. Feast your eyesight and then, your flavour buds, as you may observe the rice absorb the well-prepared fruit juices/sauces and convert orange mainly because it gets to preparedness.

5. Koshari, Egypt

Are you going through the land of your mythical Pharaohs? As you may feast your vision on amazing pyramids and mummified Egyptian kings, do not forget to fete your preference buds with Koshari, a well-liked runaway food of your average Egyptian household.

Koshari: african food culture

See and join your hosts as you savour a proper vegetarian serving of rice, lentils, macaroni, garlic, and chickpeas, brought together by a hot tomato sauce and topped off with fried onion.

This dish does not only sound good, but also it tastes much better.

6. Bunny Chow

Durban’s street food has grown to be popular across South Africa and is now starting to strike our food items market in the United States.

Bunny Chow: traditional south african food

This spicy curry has been originally developed by the immigrant Indian local community in the Natal area of Durban and offered to staff for lunch or dinner. Use chicken breast, pork or vegetarian types that contains lentils and beans.

7. Waakye

What will you love to have breakfast in any African restaurant near you or while visit in Africa? It’ time to taste the African breakfast Waakye.

Waakye: african food pictures

The breakfast of champions, Waakye is a supremely popular morning hours dish in Ghana but can be enjoyed throughout the day. Filling up and flavourful, it combines beans, rice, moist gari (ground cassava), stew and spaghetti (the only non-Ghanaian portion of the plate).

It is almost always offered with a protein choice so that you can choose from species of fish, meats or boiled eggs. Kelewele (spiced plantain) and a veggie green are also additional features that acquire Waakye to a new level.

8. Superkanja

I’m sure the vegetarian will fall in love with this traditional South African food. Superkanja is a Gambian okra stew that packs a healthy and flavourful punch featuring its combination of leafy vegetables, like kale, collards, okra and sweet potato results in.

Superkanja: west african food

Along with onions, chilli peppers and seafood or meat, variants on this meal are found around Western Africa, like the Ghanaian kontomire.

9. Samak mashwi

Samak mashwi is an Egyptian recipe that may also be quite popular in Lebanon. It is made up of entire baked fish that is then lavishly garnished with parsley, citrus slices, mayonnaise, pickles, and sliced up olives. Before cooking, the seafood ought to be cleansed, along with its head is left untouched in addition to the eyeballs, which should be removed.

Samak mashwi: foods that originated in africa

It can be typically seasoned with salt and organic olive oil. Samak mashwi is especially popular as a celebration meal, prepared for numerous social events and during Ramadan.

10. Yassa

Yassa, also known as chicken Yassa or poulet Yassa, is Senegal’s countrywide dish, a stew made up of chicken breast that is certainly marinated in lemon, lots of red onion, and vinegar.


The chicken must marinate within the combination for around eight several hours, being sure that the lemon juice and vinegar take the bite out from the onions and tenderize the challenging chicken in the Casamance place.

Chicken pieces are then prepared over medium-high heat before the marinade becomes a sauce by itself. This process results in a lump of tremendously flavorful and sore meat that is traditionally provided with fluffy rice in brightly decorated dishes.

Other types of excellent accompaniments involve fufu and couscous, without or with the chickpeas.

It is suggested to set Yassa with ginger beer or green tea with mint.

Did you like this African food near me? Which dishes you liked most and planning to taste in your next visit to Africa or any African restaurant near you.

Don’t forget to comments below and mention as well as I’ll be happy if you share any West African food that you like most. And it will inspire me to taste and write about the dish.

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