Finally some good food

Finally Some Good Food in the US – You Should Taste Today!

Finally some good food, yes you have heard right. In my recent visit to the US, I wanted to taste some traditional and popular food.

As a foodie, I always love to taste different food around the world. In this visit to the US, though it would be a challenge for me to find the food which is tasty and have a rich history.

I split my short tour into a few days and started doing research and came up with a solution to find the most popular food in united states. After doing some research, I found plenty of food locally and traditionally. I decided to taste one by one.

However, I was going through the confusion that how I will find them and taste them. My confusion went extinct when I started finding some popular food in the US. Finally some good food here in united states.

Here I’m going to highlight some food that won my heart, and honestly, I would say this food is so savory and mouthwatering. 

Finally some good food in unites states;

1. Barbecue Ribs

As a meat lover, beef is one of my favourite dishes. Wherever I go, I always seek any dish which is made of beef. The taste of meat is incredible. The Barbecue Ribs is one of the most popular dishes here in united states.

Finally Some Good Food in US: Barbecue Ribs

If you visit the US, don’t forget to taste this delicious food. It looks so mouthwatering, and when you start eating it, you must say, ”just wow”.

Barbecuing food has become one of many country’s oldest cultures and possesses now evolved into an art, with BBQ lovers and fanatics nationwide partial for their favourite types. If you love to eat grilled beef, then I would say this dish will surpass your expectation.

However, whether you want Kansas City’s hearty offering, Memphis‘ damp ribs, or North Carolina’s vinegar base, an essential factor we could all concur with is that barbecue in America is something that introduces them in the world that is so passionate about BBQ.

So, note this dish in your notepad, when you’ll visit the US you must taste this Barbecue Ribs.

2. Apple pie

Apple pie is one of the renowned and traditional dishes in the US. It is often said by many that American as apple pie.

I knew nothing about this tasty dish before going to the US. It doesn’t matter wherever I go; my first intention is just to find some traditional food. Basically, traditional food represents the nation and their culture, food style and so on.

Apple pie

Apple pie is one of the famous dishes for each American. You’ll not find any American who hasn’t taste Apple pie or has no feelings about this dish.

Just forget about anybody who will try to know your pecan or key lime is the last options, as they are lying. The easy mixture of sweets, buttery pastry and tart sliced apples makes a dessert so awesome folks have devoted their lives to perfecting it.

Every bite of apple will make you feel so good. It’s a complete dessert package. If you’re a foodie and love sweet, then I prefer you not to miss this traditional dish in the US.

3. Grilled Gator Kabobs

You may have already eaten different types of kabobs in a foreign country. However, Florida’s Grilled Gator Kabobs does not look so different from other nations, but the taste is.

Grilled Gator Kabobs

I have eaten this dish several places, but its taste in Florida is completely different. It instantly turned one of my favourite dishes.

If the Gator doesn’t eat you, you might consume the Gator, right? Anybody who really loves reptilian protein must be happy by using a stack of zesty alligator kabobs.

And naturally, Florida, with full of gators, is the ideal spot for them. If you love to eat Gator, then it is needless to say that you’ll not find a better place than Florida.

Lather up your Gator with barbecue marinade, mustard; Cajun dried rub or other things you’d typically use, then grill ’em and prepare to chow down while trying to figure out if they flavour similar to poultry or pork.

I enjoyed this dish a lot. If you come to Florida, don’t miss to taste this delicious dish. Finally some good food.

4. Maine Lobster

I guess you may have eaten different types of lobster dishes in other places I diverse nation, but this may not be your typical lobster.

Maine lobster, also called true, northern or American lobster shows the pearliest meat that is succulent, juicy, and sensitive when gently boiled, steamed, or grilled with a few hot, melted butter with a drizzle of lemon juice.

Maine Lobster

It is so prized that this regularly receives exported to high end dining across the globe. The meat can be another basic for several chowders, bisques, and salads, plus a crucial element in another Maine niche.

The prepared meats become brushed with melted butter and filled into very long hot dog rolls with their tops cut off, a delicacy which is both gentle and succulent on this lobster roll.

The biggest one ever trapped in Maine measured 36 ” from tail to nostrils. Therefore it is obvious why the Maine lobster is regarded as one of the primary and greatest lobsters one can taste, about both texture and flavour. If you love to taste lobster, then the Maine Lobster will bring you a fantastic food experience in the US.

5. New York Style cheesecake

Is cheese your favourite? What will happen if it is used to make a cake?

New York-style cheesecake is different from other cheesecakes, mainly because of its hefty and dense consistency that believes extremely sleek and unique. Its flavour is sweet and tangy, not citrusy, chewy, or starchy. It is said by many that Juniors make the first New York-style cheesecake in the 1950s.

New York Style cheesecake

The wonder formulation consists of heavy cream, ovum, vanilla, cream cheese, and (optionally) sour cream, as the base usually is made up of sponge dessert crust or graham cracker crust.

If you love cheese, then don’t forget to take the test of New York-style cheese in the US.

6. Banana bread

Have you ever eaten banana bread in your country? It’s another delicious food I found here in the US.

Banana bread is a moistened, sweet American bread made from mashed bananas. Bananas initially began to look in the USA in the late 19th century, and it also took some time before they started to get used in desserts.

It really is considered that the bread was made in the nineteenth century when housewives uncovered Pearlash, a chemical leavening professional.

Finally some good food: Banana bread

This breads grew to be very popular with all the go up of baking soda and powder through the 1930s. Even though it is an American invention, banana bread is also extremely popular in Vietnam, cooked by two varieties – prepared banana food, a golden-brown crust, banana pudding, or steamed banana cake.

In addition to bananas as the essential ingredient, sugar-cinnamon, raisins, walnuts, pecans, or chocolate potato chips can also be sometimes mixed to the bread so that you can enhance its flavour.

If this dessert sounds mouthwatering for you, then try this. I hope you will love this bread. It was my 1st experience to taste this bread but the feelings and taste just WOW!

7. Rattlesnake Chili

For adventurous gourmands who would like a little bit more chew because of their chilli, why not have a rattlesnake into the combine?

Rattlesnake Chili

It’s not really a complicated recipe to prepare, along with the name pretty much tells you all you need to know: merely whip up some chilli, then chuck in some prepped rattlesnake meats.

The actual trick here is how you start acquiring your rattlesnake, which needless to say isn’t readily available at your local food store.

What do you think? Finally some good food! Will you dare to eat the Rattlesnake chilli? Even if can you imagine how it will feel when you’ll take a piece of snake meat to eat? I did not dare to taste this dish.

Will you dare to eat this dish?

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