Why HubSpot is the best CRM to use for cold calling

Why Hubspot Is the Best CRM to Use for Cold Calling?

Why HubSpot is the best CRM to use for cold calling? In the context of marketing, cold calling means making unsolicited calls to potential customers. 

Sometimes it is also referred to as “cold calling.” Cold calling has been around for a long time and it can be an extremely effective way of reaching potential customers. 

However, this method of marketing requires a lot of hard work, persistence and the ability to sell products or services.

Types of Cold Calling

There are a few different types of cold calling. 

The first is telemarketing: Telemarketing is used to describe any type of marketing where your product or service is delivered over the phone. Cold calling then is the part of telemarketing where you call on strangers, or leads that have been recently generated by another form of marketing. 

The second type of cold calling is door-to-door sales: This type of marketing involves going door to door and delivering the sales pitch in person. This type of cold calling is most commonly used by companies with services like HVAC installation and repair, pest control, security systems, and more.

What Types of Businesses Mainly Use Cold Calling?

  1. Direct salespeople who identify potential customers and sell products that they already have or that they can order. This type of salesperson uses cold calling as an introduction tactic to get in touch with potential customers and possibly set up appointments for face-to-face meetings.
  1. Telemarketers use cold calling as the main sales tactic. These professionals make calls to random lists of phone numbers, trying to convince the people on the other side of the line to buy products or services.

Why Do You Need a CRM For Cold Calling?

The first thing you need to remember is that cold calling is a numbers game. It’s not all that difficult to get people to say yes to talking with you. The hard part is getting enough people to say yes to justify your time and efforts. 

Keeping track of the activity related to your cold calls means that you have a clear idea of how your time is being spent and where there may be room for improvement.

A marketing CRM solution will help you accomplish this and much more. A CRM is designed to help you keep track of the details related to your sales. 

Once you have details about the activity of your cold calls, you can determine what works and what does not work by seeing which activities lead to sales and which do not lead to sales. 

Based on this information, you can adjust your sales presentation skills in order to increase your chances of getting a decision from potential customers or clients.

Key reasons why you need a CRM;

  • A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps you organize your contacts and keep track of the people that you speak with.
  • When you’re running a startup or a small business, this can be an incredibly lifesaving tool as it ensures that you are making good use of your time each day.
  • It’s really easy to waste time calling the wrong person or getting caught up in old leads when you’re cold calling. By using a CRM on your phone, your productivity can skyrocket since it allows you to quickly find the right information.
  • One of the big pluses of using a CRM includes having a central place to manage all of your contacts. Your prospects and customers will be able to give you detailed information on how they want to be contacted.
  • You can choose to send them all emails or text messages, or choose to call them at specific times each day.

Overall, if you’re looking for an easy way to stay organized, grow your business and make your life easier, then you should definitely consider investing in a CRM for cold calling.

Why Is HubSpot the Best CRM for Cold Calling? 

Cold calling is an activity that most salespeople dread, as most people would rather avoid the experience altogether. But it’s still a necessity in some industries, particularly B2B. 

At its core, cold calling provides a way for salespeople to introduce their company to potential customers and start a conversation about potential partnerships and the services or products they have to offer.

Key features of HubSpot Cold Calling CRM:

  • CRM data-driven call prioritization
  • Direct from desktop dialling
  • Conversational intelligence capabilities
  • Automatic CRM call logging

I like HubSpot’s CRM because it makes cold calling very easy, and it helps me to nurture my leads in a very smart way.

I always use HubSpot’s visual pipeline to plan out my time and energy for a few weeks ahead. I just have to set up my roadmap in advance, and the software will remind me to follow my plan. 

Based on my daily schedule, suggests to me some tasks that I can do each day. I just have to click on the button in the calendar, and I can take action immediately.

In addition, the horizontal layout of HubSpot’s CRM helps me to schedule different types of calls for different time zones. 

Each workflow has its own number of steps. I just have to drag and drop the steps in the pipeline to determine what I want to do with each lead. For example, if I was going to send messages via SMS or email, then I would move them along the pipeline. 

However, if they did not respond quickly enough or if they didn’t show any interest in my product or service, then I would move them into another list, which has a different number of steps to get my leads off my list and into other channels.

The entire process was very easy and clean. In one CRM design, HubSpot has combined two different processes: nurturing leads and managing workflow. So it takes less time for me to track how many leads I had on my list and how many tasks I have completed for each of them throughout their life journey with me.

So what are you waiting for? There is no doubt that HubSpot is the best CRM to use for cold calling. Do you want to boost your salespeople’s efficiency then get started with HubSpot CRM now and enjoy 14 day free trial? 

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